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Help! The Other Driver Says They Were Not At-Fault for My Accident


It happens all too frequently: people get into a car crash, one driver is clearly at fault, admits it, and then later changes their mind. It is common because when you cause an accident, your insurance rates are likely to go up, and if you were driving for work, you could even lose your job. With this much at stake, some people simply choose to pretend it was not their fault. This can be beyond frustrating, and if it is happening to you, it is time to call an injury attorney.

It Is Necessary to Determine Negligence

Anytime you get into an accident, it is necessary to determine who caused it. That person and their insurance company will become responsible for paying the medical bills, property damage, and other costs associated with the accident. From a legal perspective, this is determining negligence. In other words, the person did not necessarily have to do something intentionally, but if their action or inaction caused the accident, they would be negligent.

Proving Fault After Your NYC Car Accident

As a personal injury attorney, there are several steps we take to determine negligence and then to prove it. First, we conduct an interview and ask you a variety of questions to find out what happened leading up to the accident, during, and after it. If you took any pictures or wrote down notes, bring those in. If there were any witnesses, we will want to speak with them as well. We then go to work gathering evidence like information from the auto body shop that worked on your car, your doctor, and the police report filed after the crash. All this will be used to build your case, whether it is settled outside of court or has to go to trial.

Experience Matters

At Greenstein & Milbauer, we focus on personal injury law and our reputation precedes us. Not to brag, but that makes a difference. When we are on a case, insurance companies are less likely to try and pull shenanigans like blaming our clients, when theirs were clearly to blame. While you can always represent yourself in a personal injury case, we do not recommend it simply because the other side will almost certainly have an attorney representing them. Insurance company lawyers are good at their job. You do not want to underestimate them.

It Can Get Ridiculous

We have watched as people try to avoid being found at fault or negligent. Sometimes it is as ridiculous as saying the other driver was to blame for going through the green light when they clearly ran theirs. This can be simple legal maneuvering, but we call it ridiculous and we are certain that you would, too.

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