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Three Dangerous Roads in Westchester County

Every county and state has its own dangerous roads. These dangers can come from many sources, from road defects to heavy traffic. These accidents can lead to devastating injuries and losses for everyone involved. 

Unfortunately, Westchester County is no exception. Certain roads have a higher number of accidents, making it difficult to stay safe. Here’s why these roads are so treacherous and some tips for avoiding car accidents while on them.

Saw Mill River Road

Saw Mill River Road is known for being dangerous because of its high speed limit and frequent high-speed collisions. It doesn’t help that the speed limit fluctuates so often and yet some road signs are unclear. The speeds limits on Saw Mill River Road are as follows:

  • 55 mph from White Plains Road to Bedford Road
  • 60 mph from Bedford Road to Armonk Avenue
  • 50 mph from Armonk Avenue to Interstate 684
  • 70 mph from Interstate 684 southbound entrance ramp through Armonk Avenue intersection, where no sign is posted
  • 50 mph between Armonk Avenue intersection and the I-684 northbound exit ramp system, again, where no sign is posted

When drivers may have to decelerate suddenly or speed up to the flow of traffic, accidents often happen. Avoiding these accidents can be difficult, but a car accident lawyer can help you get compensated and recover from the devastating injuries you suffered

Hutchinson River Parkway

The Hutchinson River Parkway was built before modern highway design principles were developed, so Hutchison River Parkway has distinct issues. Drivers may encounter any of the following problems that can cause accidents: 

  • Poor Highway Planning – There are no entrance or exit ramps for vehicles to enter or exit the highway safely, making it difficult for drivers to see oncoming traffic which causes many head-on crashes when two vehicles try to pass each other.
  • Traffic Conditions – Drivers travel at high speeds on this two-lane highway with no shoulders or guardrails because there are no traffic lights or stop signs along its length, except at its terminus points.
  • Poor Maintenance – Poor lighting, poor visibility, and lack of signage make it difficult for drivers to navigate the highway safely at night or in poor weather conditions. Drivers also have difficulty seeing pedestrians and cyclists using the parkway due to limited sight lines.

The Taconic State Parkway

The Taconic State Parkway (TSP) is known as a long, winding road that goes up and down hills. It can be especially dangerous during inclement weather conditions.

There are many blind spots on the TSP that make it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles coming around corners or merging onto the highway. The speed limit on this road is 55 mph, but many drivers tend to go much faster than that.

Get Help After a Westchester Car Accident

Even if you’re careful on these three dangerous roads, it can still be difficult or even impossible to avoid an accident. You never know when a car might lose control. That puts you in danger of being injured yourself. 

After an accident, reach out for a free consultation with a car accident attorney. To learn more about our services, call Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out our online contact form below. 

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