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Handling a New York Accident Claim when You’re from Out of State

Traveling by car is a common mode of travel, with many of us traveling to and from different states in our day-to-day lives. But what happens if you’re hurt in a car accident in New York when you’re a resident of another state? 

Utilizing a team of experienced, trained, and educated attorneys is a great way to ensure that you cover all of the steps necessary. We can help you to file your car accident claim by using our knowledge gained from multiple years of experience and education. 

Where Do I File My Car Accident Claim? 

When you’re hurt in a car accident, you need to know where to file the accident claim if you don’t live in the state. Once you know where to file your claim, you and your attorney can take action to pursue compensation. 

You can file the claim in New York, where the accident happened. Because both parties were in New York at the time of the accident, as well as being closest to most witnesses and evidence, this is often the top choice for car accident victims. 

You can also file the accident claim in the state where the person who caused the accident resides. If both people involved in the accident are not from New York, a claim can be filed in the home state of the at-fault party. The problem is that you can’t file a claim in your home state, only the defense. Talk to your lawyer about the advantages of filing in New York. 

What Your Insurance Policy May Cover 

If your insurance policy as a person who lives out of state is authorized in New York, your policy must cover up to New York State minimum coverage, regardless of the minimums in your home state. The policy will adhere to New York regulations if an accident happens in New York.

If you are insured in your home state, you should be covered for any injury nationwide. This means that if you get into an accident in New York, your insurance from your home state will still cover you for any injuries.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your insurance company will always cover the costs of your injuries. They may lowball your settlement or even outright refuse your claim. You don’t have to face this issue alone and in a strange location. Your lawyer can guide you through this complex situation. 

Take Action With a Car Accident Attorney in New York 

To take any legal action regarding an accident in New York as an out-of-state driver, you need to find an attorney who is licensed in New York. That’s where we come in. Dealing with multiple state regulations can be tricky. Trust our experience and knowledgeable attorneys to handle all of the complicated stuff for you.

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