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April 11, 2021

NYC Car Accident Lawyer

Few experiences are as painful and traumatic as a car accident. Struggling in the aftermath of an accident? Contact an NYC car accident attorney to fight for the compensation you need.

New York City is a busy place, and that means plenty of vehicles traveling its streets. You’ve likely spent plenty of time waiting in rush-hour traffic or hunting for a parking spot in a crowded area. Sadly, there are plenty of reckless drivers on those streets, and they might cause a serious accident.

In the wake of a car accident, you’re facing an overwhelming situation. You’re hurt, you’re traumatized, and you’re trying to get the settlement you need. It’s complicated. And if you’re not careful with your claim, you could end up without a settlement at all.

That’s why you need an NYC car accident lawyer on your side. You need someone to help you with the obstacles between you and your compensation. A lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can fight for you.

Car Accident Injuries

After your accident, the chances that you’ve suffered an injury are high. That’s especially true if the accident happened at a high speed. It can take time to overcome your injuries, and they might make it harder to fight for your compensation.

For example, a brain injury can affect focus, memory, and sleep, all of which can affect your claim. The mental toll a brain injury takes can be devastating. But since you’re limited to three years to file your claim, you’ll need to act quickly, even while there’s so much more on your mind.

Identifying your injuries early can also help you find what compensation you’re owed. By keeping track of your injuries and the impact they’ve had on your health, your car accident lawyer in NYC can help you calculate your compensation quickly.

Not sure where to start? Below are some injuries frequently seen in serious car accidents:

Dealing with Insurance after a Car Accident in New York

After your accident, you’ll need to first seek a settlement from your insurance company. Many states put the financial responsibility of the crash on the person responsible for causing the accident. However, New York is a no-fault state. This means that your insurance company should cover the expenses of the accident, no matter who caused it.

To get your settlement, you’ll need to contact your insurance company to notify them of the accident. Once your claim has been filed, they’ll investigate your claim and determine how much your damages are worth. Your personal injury protection, or PIP, insurance should cover both your medical expenses and your lost wages, if you’re unable to return to work.

Once they calculate the worth of your settlement, they’ll then make a settlement offer for the costs of your claim. This usually covers the costs of your vehicle repairs, your hospital bills, and any other economic damages from the accident.

But keep in mind that you don’t have to take this offer if it seems low. Instead, speak to a lawyer about the full worth of your claim. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they want to make a profit. Not sure you’re getting the full worth of your settlement? Your lawyer can help you prepare a demand letter.

The Serious Injury Threshold and NYC Car Accidents

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in an auto or rideshare accident (such as Uber or Lyft), the insurance company might not provide the full compensation you need. Instead, your damages might pass the “serious injury threshold.” If this is the case, your insurance company won’t give you the coverage you need. Instead, you’ll need to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

A serious injury generally covers any injuries that are permanent or especially consequential. A death or the loss of a fetus, for example, would warrant a lawsuit. Something more minor, like a sprain or laceration, might not.

Any injury that would cause significant limitations should also be considered. These damages make it difficult or impossible to recover. You’ll need to fight for this compensation in court. If you’ve suffered an injury that severely limited an important body function, a long-term injury, or dismemberment, you’ll need to file a claim in court.

Other injuries, like disfigurement or a fracture, could also count as a serious injury. If you’re not sure whether what you’ve suffered is considered a serious injury, we’ll also look at the cost of your damages. If you’ve lost more than $50,000, you may be eligible to take your claim to court. When you’re not sure what your claim is worth or where you’ll need to fight for it, you need a car accident lawyer in NYC on your side.

Compensation Offered for Your New York City Car Accident

Whether you’re just getting started with your insurance company or you’re looking to file a claim against the responsible party, you need to know what your claim is worth. If you start your case without knowing exactly what your case is worth, you might end up with less compensation than you deserve and need to recover.

Remember that you’ll need to seek both economic and non-economic damages for serious injuries. Your economic damages will be the simplest to determine. These cover the financial losses you’ve suffered because of the accident. We’ll need to calculate the total that you’ve spent and estimate the future costs you might suffer.

Non-economic damages can be more difficult because they’re not financial. Instead, they’ll cover the emotional and mental toll of the car accident. Fortunately, your NYC lawyer will have the tools to find the monetary worth of these, based on the impact on your life. Pain affects people differently, so your lawyer will need to determine how yours has changed your life.

If you’re not sure what damages you should include in your claim, speak to your lawyer. They can review your claim and determine what losses you’ve suffered because of your accident. Below are a few examples of the damages you might include in your motorcycle or car accident claim:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost wages
  • Disfigurement
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Speak to an New York City Car Accident Lawyer

No matter how confident you are with your own driving abilities, there’s always a chance that another driver or commercial trucker will be reckless and injure you. It’s unfortunate, and it can be overwhelming when you’re seriously injured. Your insurance company should cover your expenses, but if you believe they’re not offering a reasonable settlement, or if you’ve suffered a serious injury, you’ll need help.

Fortunately, a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help. Our lawyers understand how difficult it can be to fight for your full compensation when you’re badly injured. If you need help with your compensation, our attorneys can calculate what your claim is worth and fight for that full amount.

If you’re not certain you have a case, reach out to our lawyers for a free case review. We’ll discuss your claim and what it’s worth so you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later. We want you to be confident that we’re the right firm for you before you sign or pay anything.

When you’re ready to get started on your claim, reach out to your NYC car accident lawyer. Take advantage of our free consults. Just call us at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or complete the online form below.


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