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Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents cause nearly 1.3 million deaths every year and are responsible for injuries and disabilities in 20-50 million people. These accidents result in pain and suffering as well as expenses and consequences that result in thousands of dollars for everyone involved. If you’ve been in an auto accident, you will need a qualified car accident lawyer from Brooklyn to help you make sure the person who caused the accident is held responsible for any damages they have caused, whether emotional or physical.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Brooklyn

If this is the first car accident you’ve experienced, it can be easy to make mistakes that end up sabotaging your claim or making things even worse. Car accidents are often stressful and seeking compensation in order to hold the appropriate person responsible can be a long, complicated process. Don’t do it alone. Here are some important things to keep in mind if you’ve been in a car crash in Brooklyn.

Avoid Conversations with the Other Driver’s Representatives

In an effort to be forthcoming and honest about what happened on the day of the accident, you might be contacted right away by the other driver’s insurance provider or attorney. At first, this may seem a harmless effort to help you quickly settle and move on with your life. However, this can lead to problems for you. Their lawyers might ask you leading questions that encourage you to admit fault in some way, which could jeopardize your claim. The insurance agent might offer you a lower settlement amount than you need and deserve, and encourage you to accept it right away. To ensure that you are protecting yourself, contact an accident attorney and refer the driver’s attorneys to us. If you must speak with them, call us first, and we can help guide your answers in a way that is in your best interests. Whatever you do, don’t sign or agree to anything, especially a settlement offer, until you have an experienced lawyer look it over first.

Be Careful of the Car Accident Information You Share Publicly

It may not occur to you that anything you post on your social media profile can affect the success of your car accident claim. Although usually we feel safe sharing information online because we’re sharing with personal friends and colleagues, this information could end up being more than just a small status update on your case and your how well you are healing. These days, insurance companies often employ fraud investigators to look into claims and details, many of which are often found in social media profiles. The pictures you share and information you provide about your car accident in a status update, can indicate that you feel better than you claim in official documents. Further, they might monitor your updates to see what you say about the other driver or the accident altogether.

To keep your information secure, think seriously about staying away from social media until your claim has been resolved by a Brooklyn car accident lawyer. If, for some reason, you can’t avoid social media and want to continue posting updates, at least, take the necessary steps to maintain a private presence that is limited to only your closest friends and family members.

Seek Medical Attention

If your injuries are not life-threatening, it’s easy to think you don’t need a doctor. However, even minor cuts and bruises can indicate more serious injuries. In some cases, injuries worsen after a few days and ones you weren’t immediately aware of can arise. Don’t risk your health and the potential for worse injuries in the future by assuming that you are okay and neglecting medical attention. Obviously it’s best for your health and well-being to make sure you are thoroughly examined, but not seeing a doctor could also harm your car accident claim. If you aren’t treated by a professional, there is no official documentation proving that you were even hurt due to the accident. Even if you don’t think you need a doctor, it’s important to see one.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

As time progresses and you start to feel a little better, it can be tempting to try activities that the doctor has told you to stay away from. This includes hobbies, sports, yard work, or even going back to your job when your doctor has suggested that you stay home. Be aware that investigators working on behalf of insurance companies, may be looking for any sign that you aren’t hurt or suffering as much as you say you are and may interview co-workers and neighbors in order to catch you participating in the wrong kinds of activities. They can also claim you are causing your injuries to become worse on purpose. Further, it’s best for your own health to follow the doctor’s orders so that you can recover as much as possible. Participating in activities that the doctor has told you to avoid can harm your chances of recovering from your car accident injuries, both physically and financially.

Document the Details of the Auto Accident

You won’t always have a crystal clear memory of all the details of the car accident. You may be able to recollect the major events, but as time goes on, bits and pieces of seemingly less important information may start to fade.

Sit down and make a list on a notepad or in a computer file of everything you remember. Some details regarding the accident that you should include are:

  • What time the accident happened
  • Where you were going and had just come from
  • What the weather was like
  • The names of any witnesses you are aware of, including passengers in the car
  • The demeanor of the other driver after the accident
  • Who called emergency personnel or the police

Add to your notes over time if you remember anything new, even if it doesn’t seem important. Although a Brooklyn car accident lawyer will handle and manage your file for you, it’s always a good idea for you to keep track of the details of your car accident as well.

Take Photos of the Accident

There are times when visual evidence can help your case, but it can be easy to forget to take photos right after a car accident. However, if you have a chance, it’s a good idea to take as many photos as possible of your car accident. For instance, if you think tree branches were obstructing the other driver’s vision or that construction zone cones had something to do with your accident, it is important that you capture the scene with a picture before it changes. Someone may trim the branches, for instance, or the construction work may be completed by the time you are able to return and take pictures.

If you are feeling well enough, it might be worth it to go out to the site yourself and take a few pictures as soon as possible. If you aren’t in good health, notify us right away so we can make sure that photos are taken of any important information.

Get a Copy of the Police Report

You don’t have to rely solely on your own memory and the memory of the other driver. In New York, you need to notify the police department in most car wrecks, if they involve property damage and/or injuries. The police report can provide vital information for your case and could prove you were not at fault for the accident. If you don’t have a copy of the police report, a Brooklyn car accident lawyer can help you obtain one to keep for your records.

Investigate the Full Value of the Car Crash Damage

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the insurance companies will properly evaluate your car and the damages. You may end up accepting a settlement offer that isn’t enough to completely cover the damages. Instead, take steps to find out the total market value of the automobile you were driving so that you can be compensated correctly. For example, you might have two different independent mechanics give you an estimate.

Once you have some estimates in hand, compare the numbers with what you are told by the insurance company. It’s difficult to determine the full value of your losses whether due to car damages or injuries but the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Why You Need a Brooklyn Car Accident Lawyer

Most importantly, you need a qualified legal team on your side who can assist with all the complicated details of car accidents and seeking compensation. Because these are sometimes overwhelming and stressful events, it’s easy to forget and overlook details that can help later. Plus, you’ll likely face insurance adjusters and attorneys representing the other side, who won’t have your best interests in mind. Even if you have missed some of these steps or have made mistakes, we can help investigate and navigate the process for you so that you can work on recovering and moving forward as much as possible.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, a Brooklyn car accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help. Call us at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) for a free consultation.