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Were You Hit by a Commercial Vehicle in New York City?


At Greenstein & Milbauer, we represent people who have been in an accident in New York City and the surrounding areas. In most wrecks, the two drivers involved are operating their own personal vehicle. These cases require an experienced attorney to prove fault or negligence, but they are fairly straightforward when it comes to identifying the parties involved. This is not the case if you were hit by a commercial vehicle.

What Is a Commercial Vehicle?

This is a business vehicle. For example, a taxi cab, distribution van, delivery truck, contractor truck, city car, semi-truck, bus, etc. are commercial vehicles. Regardless of whether it was a motorcycle, car, truck, van or limo, if that vehicle is owned by a business, your personal injury case will become more complicated but also more interesting.

It Comes Down to Responsibility

As a New York City injury attorney, we have to prove negligence or fault in the injury cases we take on. This is an important step because, in order to qualify for any type of financial compensation, your accident needs to have been the fault of someone else. Proving responsibility or negligence takes time. However, if you were hit by a commercial vehicle, it opens a whole new world of responsibility. We need to find out if the business maintained that vehicle properly, if they correctly trained the driver, etc. There are many questions that need to be answered before we can determine if the business is partially to blame for the wreck.

Your Lawsuit

When filing a lawsuit for a personal injury case in New York City, we need to name all parties that we think are negligent or partially negligent. In other words, if we think that the business had joint responsibility for the wreck, they need to be named in the suit. If they are not and you settle, you will not be able to reopen the case afterward if you later decide that they could have been involved. To make sure all options are available to you and that your rights are protected, you need to work with an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases.

You Could Be Entitled to More Compensation

If we find out that your New York City accident was caused because of the negligence of a particular business or government agency, you could be entitled to more compensation than if you were simply hit by another driver. This really depends on the particulars of your case, though.

What to Do Next

After being in a car accident, your focus should be on your health and getting back to your normal routine. Other than that, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with an experienced New York City personal injury attorney. We would be happy to assist you.

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