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7 Ways to Limit Distractions While Driving


If you live or work in New York City, watch out for distracted drivers. Distracted driving is not a new problem, but it has grown exponentially in the past decade. Look around next time you are at a stop light and see how many people are texting, calling someone, doing their makeup, or playing with their navigation system. You might be surprised that the majority of drivers are not watching the road at all. These types of seemingly innocent activities often lead to New York City car accidents and pedestrians being hit while crossing the street. Unfortunately, you cannot control what the drivers around you are doing. You can, however, control your own behaviors so you do not become part of the problem. More importantly, you can practice defensive driving to keep yourself safe!

Here Are 7 Ways to Limit Distractions While You Are Driving in New York City

#1 – Put your phone in the glovebox.

When the phone dings alerting you to a text message, what do you do? If you are like most people, the instinct to grab the phone and read the message is incredibly strong. Like a moth to a flame, most people cannot resist their cell phone. Putting it away can keep you and those around you safe.

#2 – Eat breakfast at home.

If you like to eat a breakfast sandwich on your way into the city, you could become distracted fairly easily. Something as simple as preventing the sandwich from making a mess can cause you to put more focus on eating than on watching the road.

#3 – Try satellite radio.

Do you find yourself changing the radio station every time a commercial comes on? If so, invest in satellite radio so you can enjoy your tunes without becoming distracted.

#4 – Get directions before you go.

Make sure you do not use your GPS while driving. Input your location before you hit the road and make sure the volume is up so you do not need to look at the screen. It also helps to read through the directions before you get started.

#5 – Wear a headset.

If you have to take a call, make sure you are wearing a headset and that you get it set up before you start driving. At Greenstein & Milbauer, we also recommend buying a Bluetooth speaker for your car so you have the option of putting your call on speaker if you leave your headset at home.

#6 – Do your primping at home.

Whether you need to put on makeup, do your hair, or put on your tie, do this at home before you leave. Yes, it may take you an extra five minutes, but it could also save your life.

#7 – Know your vehicle.

If you have just bought a new car or are driving someone else’s, make sure you learn where the lights are, windshield wipers, etc. before you start driving. Trying to find them in the middle of a rainstorm could not only cause you to become distracted but also make it unsafe for you to drive in bad weather.

You can limit your own distractions and become a better driver for it. By simply paying better attention, you can avoid a costly accident in New York City.

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