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How to Keep Yourself Safe During a Snowstorm


At Greenstein & Milbauer, we represent people who have been injured in a car or pedestrian accident. As New York City car accident lawyers, we know that when something like Snowstorm Jonas hits the East Coast, there is a guarantee that there will be more accidents and that victims will be filling the hospitals. There are things you can do to keep yourself safe so you do not become one of them.

Prepare Early

With storms like Jonas, news anchors talk about the storm for a week ahead of time. This can often sound and feel like doomsday, but if you fail to prepare, you could be caught unaware. This means running around trying to buy food, water, candles, and supplies after the storm has already started, something that is particularly dangerous. Instead, try to keep basic emergency supplies in your car, home, and office. Things like candles, matches, flashlights, blankets, water, and snacks will all help you to weather the storm. Additionally, you should head to the store and stock up your pantry early in the week so you can remain off the dangerous roads.

Carry Your Flashlight

If you are working in New York City and walking from the train to your office, carry a flashlight with you. In severe storms, there can be whiteout conditions that make it difficult for you to be seen by any oncoming cars. Carry a small flashlight and use it when necessary.

Use Chains

If you have to drive in the city during a storm, keep chains in your trunk and use them. This tends to only be necessary in really severe storms where the roads have not been salted or cleared. However, you never know what will happen once the storm starts to dump, so keeping chains on you is a wise safety precaution.

Go Slowly

As New York City car accident lawyers, we know that it is hard to slow down, but doing so can help prevent an accident. If you can keep distance between you and other cars, you can see if the road starts to get slippery, and react before you hit someone.

Wait It Out

If you can avoid driving, stay off the roads. During a major snowstorm, you may want to grab a hotel room rather than trying to journey home, or perhaps your employer will allow you to telecommute when the forecast is looking hairy. The point being, if you can stay off the roads, that is the best way to stay safe in a storm.

Seek Legal Help

After getting into an accident, many people think that they will not qualify for any type of financial compensation because the weather was partially to blame. Whether or not you are depends on all the circumstances surrounding your accident. Just because the weather was bad, that does not mean you will not qualify, just like the weather being clear does not mean that you will. With this in mind, the best thing to do is seek legal advice.

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