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Two Dead After Truck Crash on GWB

A five-year-old girl and a fifty-year-old man were killed earlier this month in a tragic crash between an SUV and a box truck on the upper level of the George Washington Bridge. The crash, which also injured three others in the SUV, happened around 10:00 p.m. on June 14 and left most of the upper level of the bridge, including all eastbound lanes, closed for more than four hours.

Photos show the aftermath of the impact: The SUV was wedged under one side of the truck and crushed along its entire length. Several of the SUV’s occupants had to be cut free from the wreck by rescue workers.

Unexpected Family Tragedy

As details of the crash were revealed, the extent of this tragedy grew. Not only were all five of those injured in the SUV from the same family, but those killed were a father and his daughter.

One report suggests that the family may have been returning from a celebration. The survivors include a one-year-old child, the children’s mother, and the children’s grandmother. The family lived in Howell, New Jersey, about an hour and a half south of Manhattan. An online fund has been started to help them cover medical and funeral expenses.

Crashes Not Uncommon

If a serious crash involving a truck on the George Washington Bridge seems familiar to you, it’s not déjà vu. You have seen it before—and more than once. This past March, a Pawling, New York, man was injured in a dramatic crash that left his SUV crushed between two tractor-trailers.

That same month, a man was killed and two women seriously injured when an allegedly drunk truck driver smashed their car against a divider on one of the bridge’s approach ramps.  That crash was first thought to be a single-vehicle incident because the truck driver had fled the scene (he was apprehended later).

Less serious crashes happen not just every day, but multiple times each day. In 2015, for instance, the Port Authority reported 2,125 crashes on the bridge but only one fatality. That’s very close to the average seen over the past decade.

Manhattan Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s true that truck drivers are generally safer at operating their vehicles than passenger car drivers. They’re involved in fewer accidents per mile travelled and are less likely to operate while impaired.

However, as with all drivers, they’re not perfect. They can take reckless actions, operate under the influence, or simply make mistakes. When that happens, it’s unfortunately also true that a crash between a truck and a car is often far more serious than a crash between two cars, with those in a car running double the normal risk of fatal injury.

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