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NYDOT Installing Deer Crossing Signs on Staten Island


In an effort to reduce crashes caused by wildlife, the city has a plan to place 21 deer-crossing signs in various locations along Staten Island’s roads. The growing population of deer in recent years has led to a number of accidents involving automobiles hitting a deer as it attempts to cross a roadway.

The signs are not being placed randomly. Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg says a team has analyzed where deer have been sighted, as well as the locations of motorist collisions with wildlife, to determine the best places to place the signs. So if you see a sign, get in the habit of looking to both sides to see if a deer might be about to leap into the road.

In addition to the signs, the city is discussing whether steps will need to be taken to address the rapidly growing deer population. The recent uptick in car-hits-deer accidents may be only one symptom of a larger problem. To read more on this, go here.

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