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Can I Sue the City for a Car Accident?

Yes, under certain circumstances, you can sue the city of New York for a car accident and potentially recover significant damages. The financial awards for your injury, pain, and suffering can be huge, but let’s be real: taking on Gotham will require persistence and patience.

If you’re asking, can I sue the city for a car accident? There are some things you should know about the court system, what to expect, and how a NYC car accident lawyer can help you succeed.

Initial Contact

First, you must request to file a lawsuit. Once the city has responded with an answer to your request, you may begin filing your claim. The 90-day clock begins to count down from the date on which the city received your notice of claim. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your name and address
  • The name and address of your lawyer
  • Type of claim you plan on filing
  • Specific details about the car accident
  • Your desired compensation amount

Before you file, of course, you should learn more about what types of accidents actually qualify. They generally fall into certain categories, including accidents involving:

  • Public transportation vehicles, such as city buses
  • City first responder vehicles, such as an ambulance or fire truck
  • Roadways that haven’t been properly cleared of ice or obstructions
  • Potholes or cave-ins
  • Police misconduct, such as groundless high-speed chases

Every state has tort laws that can make you eligible to pursue compensation to cover things like medical bills, lost income, and emotional anguish following an injury, loss, or harm caused by individuals, companies, and corporations. Some victims are even eligible to sue the city itself. This includes its employees and representatives as well as separate government entities such as the city’s parks department, department of transportation, police department, metropolitan transit authority, or port authority depending on the situation.

City Liability and Rideshares

After a fatal moped accident, CBS2 Reporter Nina Kapur’s family took legal action against New York City, as well as the driver and Revel Transit. The family has plans to sue the Department of Transportation and is seeking $5-million in damages for “the negligent implementation and operation of the ridesharing service.”

In the pending lawsuit, the family alleges that the city failed to ensure riders had adequate training to operate the mopeds safely. Early in 2021, New York City passed laws that regulate moped ride-sharing operators. Cities and municipalities will often take corrective action once they’ve been sued.

Don’t Delay Filing

Don’t sit around and wonder, can I sue the city for a car accident? The statute of limitation for filing a against New York City varies based on your type of claim and other factors, but in some cases can be as short as three months. Working with an attorney can ensure you meet all deadlines for your claim. Perhaps your case could cause the city to take corrective action and save other people from pain, injury, or even death.

You need an attorney that isn’t afraid to fight the system and has the determination to help you get the highest settlement amount possible. Contact Greenstein & Milbauer today by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 or by filling out the contact form on this page.

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