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Road Construction and Poor Roadway Maintenance


Car accidents occur every day because of a variety of factors ranging from other drivers who are distracted to those who engage in aggressive driving or even drive drunk. However, accidents are also caused by road construction and poor roadway maintenance. If you are in an accident caused at least partially by the road itself, it can be difficult establishing who exactly is responsible for the damage to your car or your injuries. When accidents occur due to things rather than people, you need an experienced legal team in New York that can help you seek compensation.

Road Construction Can Cause Car Accidents

Car and truck accidents can occur even if you slow down and follow any warnings or directions when driving through areas under road construction. According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2010, there were more than 87,000 crashes in work zones or construction areas. While many of these accidents were caused by other drivers involved in rear-end crashes and sideswipe collisions, there were also collisions with construction equipment and other construction-related elements. Furthermore, the construction company has a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and make sure the appropriate warnings are in place. If not, the road construction company may also be responsible for your accident and any damage.

Poor Roadway Maintenance

Although you, as a driver, are responsible for following traffic laws and driving as safely as possible, sometimes you can’t prevent an accident from occurring, especially if the roads aren’t properly maintained. In addition to negligent drivers, potholes, foliage that isn’t maintained, road debris, and inadequate drainage, many factors can be responsible for car accidents. Since roadway maintenance is usually the state or city’s responsibility, you may still have a claim. However, while New York City’s various pothole laws have been examined recently, some details require an experienced attorney’s assistance.

Establishing Negligence

It can be a significantly more complicated process determining negligence in road construction and bad roadway maintenance accidents simply because of the entities you are facing. For instance, your attorney will need to help you prove that the parties responsible for maintenance of the road were negligent and liable for the damages. You will also need to show that the party should have known about the unsafe conditions of the road and yet, failed to address or repair the road. Neither of these cases is considered cut and dry, and to ensure you are compensated appropriately, you need a law office with decades of experience in your corner.

Report the Accident and the Damage

While it’s easy to think it might be easier just to make the necessary repairs to your car and move on, it’s best to report the accident and the damage. Furthermore, even if you aren’t sure if a road construction company or city or state government is responsible for your accident, you should consult with a qualified car accident attorney.

Car accidents caused by dangerous roadways or road construction can be the most complicated of all cases. Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you seek compensation if someone or something else is responsible for your accident. Contact us online or call 1-800-VICTIM2 (1-800-842-8462) immediately.

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