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Derailed Train Crashes onto New Windsor Road

While traveling on Water Street on March 7, drivers didn’t expect that they’d have to swerve to avoid a train. But that’s what happened. ABC7 News reported that a witness said it was the “most terrifying thing” she had ever seen. Two people were hurt in the 3:30 p.m. crash.

The freight train in question was en route to Waycross, Georgia, from Selkirk, New York, when it collided with a crane that got caught at a private road crossing. The crane driver, who could not move his rig, had to jump out of the path of the massive oncoming train, which consisted of three locomotives, seventy-seven freight cars, and thirty-eight loads of freight. The contents included sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, glass products, corn oil, and cardboard. Initial hazmat fears were dispelled, and although a bit of acid did leak, the bigger challenge was cleaning up an estimated of 3,000 gallons of spilled diesel fuel.

A small fire was also present at the scene, but luckily it didn’t spark the diesel. The train skirted a nearby fuel storage area, and cleanup was complicated by power lines.

A Fortunate Outcome

With all the above factors, it was very fortunate that the accident wasn’t worse. By using this case as an example, we can speculate different outcomes to show how personal injury cases arise. The first concern is determining if anyone was injured either physically or emotionally. And was anyone’s vehicle or property damaged?

In order to seek monetary compensation for damages, the cause of the train wreck must be examined, and there are many angles to explore. It would have to be determined if the crane stalled due to equipment failure, a lack of inspection, impairment of the driver, or something else entirely.  One source said it may have gotten caught in a crossing gate. If so, was that built and maintained properly? What about the power source? Had the train been inspected and the brakes kept in good repair?  Did the engineer act appropriately in this situation? In many accidents, multiple parties are at fault, and it takes a proper investigation from a knowledgeable attorney to go beyond a police report.

Victims Might Have Grounds for a Case

Although it was reported that the two injuries in this train crash were non-life threatening, the victims may have needed medical attention. Speaking to a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company is important to ensure that they get a fair settlement. Injuries from vehicle cases often involve head trauma. While insurance might pay for doctor’s bills, possible long-term effects are depression, epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and loss of physical and mental ability. The affected will need to ensure that they’ll be cared for if their symptoms worsen.

As for the potentially hazardous materials that were being transported, fire and chemical burns caused by an accident are represented in personal injury cases. In fact, any harm done can be. And if people on the scene weren’t affected, others can be hurt by chemicals leaking into streams and groundwater.

New York City Train Wreck Attorneys

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