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Can a Pedestrian Be at Fault in a Car Accident?


When a motorist hits a pedestrian, the pedestrian is likely to have the most severe injuries. However, the driver or other occupants of the motor vehicle may also suffer bodily harm. Additionally, motorists may sometimes crash in an effort to avoid hitting a pedestrian. Can pedestrians be liable for damages in such a crash?

They may be.

Negligence Isn’t Limited to Drivers

In any injury accident, the negligent party is legally liable for damages to the person(s) whose injury he or she caused. In certain circumstances, that may be a pedestrian rather than a driver. Jaywalking is one example of pedestrian negligence. While the law requires drivers to take great care to avoid striking a pedestrian, it may not always be possible to avoid hitting a person who is careless or reckless near traffic.

If you’ve been injured in a car-pedestrian crash—even if you were in a vehicle or were not the only person injured—you may be eligible to collect compensation for your injuries. Not sure if you have a case? We’d love to help. Don’t be a victim twice; contact us today to speak with an experienced lawyer about your situation.

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