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Brooklyn Accident Lawyer

Has a devastating accident left you with injuries, medical bills, emotional trauma, and other losses? Find out how to get compensated by speaking with a Brooklyn accident attorney.

It’s a simple truth that accidents happen all the time—and innocent people often get hurt as a result. Many of these accidents are caused by the negligence or carelessness of someone other than the victim, and when this happens, the injured party has a right to seek financial compensation for his or her losses.

This isn’t something that happens automatically, however. If you’re an accident victim who’s been left dealing with injuries, you can’t expect the at-fault party and their insurer or attorney to treat you fairly and fully compensate you without resistance.

Even if they seem sympathetic, you can’t know that you’re not being taken advantage of without first knowing the full value of your claim. This is something that almost always requires working with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney.

Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can provide the Brooklyn accident lawyer you need to get full compensation for your losses and injuries. No matter how major or minor the injuries, no matter how obvious or obscure the accident, we can build the compelling case you need to prove your need for compensation.

Any Type of Accident Could Qualify for Damages

While some accident types are certainly more common than others, nearly any accident that results in a serious injury could qualify for a settlement to cover your losses.

Described below are just a few of the accident types we handle cases for on a regular basis, but even if you don’t see your accident listed, we’ll still be able to help:

Traffic Accidents

Whether you were injured in a head-on crash between two passenger cars, a collision with a semi-truck, a single-vehicle wreck while riding a motorcycle, or any other type of motor vehicle accident, you have a right to seek monetary compensation.

New York is a no-fault state for most vehicle types, but the injuries suffered in these crashes frequently exceed the threshold required to qualify for a personal injury claim.

Whether you’re dealing with a no-fault claim against your own insurer or need to hold the other driver responsible, we can get you the largest settlement possible for your case.

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes injury-causing accidents occur while receiving healthcare. Your Brooklyn accident lawyer can help you hold any licensed medical practitioner accountable—from doctors to pharmacists, dentists to chiropractors.

These cases often require expert witnesses who can detail where your provider went wrong. Our network of professional contacts will work to your advantage if you were hurt through medical negligence.

Premises Liability

Slip-and-falls, dog bites, fires, toxic substances . . . property hazards take many forms, and they can all mean drastically negative consequences for your health.

Recovering a settlement will require proving that you had a right to be on the property. We’ll also need to demonstrate that the property owner should have been aware of the danger and either failed to address it or didn’t warn you about it.

Product Liability

Defective products can involve anything from medication to automobiles and everything in-between. When a manufacturing company or retailer thinks its profits are more important than your health, they need to be held accountable.

It doesn’t matter how big the company involved is, an accident attorney from our firm won’t be intimidated and will never stop fighting for your rights.

Workplace Accidents

Work comp isn’t always the only option for injured workers. While you should always file a workers compensation claim after an on-the-job injury, you should also consider whether you might be entitled to more than what the work comp system has to offer.

If a third party was involved in causing your work injury or if your employer was grossly negligent, you might qualify for a personal injury claim.

Get the Most Compensation for Your Accident Claim

In addition to proving who was at fault, your accident lawyer will also ensure that you know the full value of your claim before accepting a settlement offer.

You’re entitled to recover damages for both financial losses and lost quality of life. Your settlement should also consider your future needs. If it doesn’t, it’s not a fair offer and your attorney will fight for more—even if that means going to trial.

These are just a few of the damages you might be able to expect for your accident claim:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and disfigurement
  • Lost enjoyment of life

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Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can ensure that you get the most money possible for your injuries and other losses. We’ll take on the insurance companies and opposing attorneys so that you don’t have to worry about becoming a victim a second time

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