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NYC Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

New York’s busy city streets are some of the most dangerous in the state—particularly when semi-trucks are careening around corners, stopping without warning to make deliveries, and trying to squeeze into spaces that most reasonable people wouldn’t attempt to fit in.

When you’re involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, a “big-rig” or any other large truck, it’s frightening and confusing. What are you supposed to do?

Before you worry about anything, it helps to know the basics of New York City semi-truck accidents.

Tractor-Trailor Accidents in New York City

When you’re involved in a NYC semi-truck accident, dozens of factors come into play. The aftermath depends on:

  • How large the truck is
  • How much the truck weighs
  • Whether you or the truck driver were exceeding the speed limit
  • Whether you or the truck driver were operating your vehicle against traffic laws
  • What type of car you were driving
  • Your car’s safety ratings
  • The truck driver’s logbook data, including how long he or she had been driving at the time of the accident and whether he or she had taken a break within the last several hours

Because every case is different, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for determining who was at fault or who is at least partially responsible. In some cases, both drivers and the trucking company are to blame for the crash; in others, the truck driver alone is responsible. Even truck manufacturers, dealers and outside parties could be at fault for the accident.

The Devastating Results of Semi Accidents

Injuries caused by semi-truck accidents can be severe. Because these trucks are so large and powerful, dwarfing all the other vehicles on the road, they can cause significant damage to your vehicle and to your body.

Many victims of semi-truck accidents suffer from:

The sheer forcefulness of a collision with a semi-truck can cause soft tissue damage anywhere on your body. Because your body carries significant momentum, any sudden stop or change in direction can be very traumatic. That, coupled with the impact of the collision, can cause a number of injuries that pave a long, slow road to recovery.

Compensation for Trucking Accidents

When you are recovering from a crash with a semi-truck on NYC roads, you may not be able to work. You might have extensive medical bills thanks to health insurance caps; you may not have any insurance at all, which can be catastrophic to your finances.

When lost wages and medical bills combine, it’s a perfect storm that can leave you and your loved ones out in the cold… literally.

If the accident you were in was not your fault, you might be entitled to compensation that helps pay those medical bills and makes up for your lost wages. You could also be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, future medical needs and other expenses.

However, most insurance companies don’t want to pay you a settlement. They may try anything—even underhanded tricks such as asking for access to your medical records—to deny your claim. Some insurance companies have been known to accuse victims of having preexisting conditions that were not brought on by semi-truck accidents, to deny coverage because of technicalities, or to deny responsibility altogether.

That’s why it’s probably in your best interests to contact an attorney who focuses on semi-truck accidents and who can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Working with a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer in the Five Boroughs and Greater New York

As soon as your doctor allows it, you should reach out to a NYC semi-truck accident lawyer. Your attorney will evaluate your case and help determine who was at fault for the accident. He or she will comb through police reports, listen to witness statements and take your version of events into account to determine the best course of action.

When you’ve been injured in a semi-truck accident, you don’t need to worry about dealing with insurance companies and watching your unpaid medical bills pile up. Your lawyer will take those burdens off your shoulders so you can focus on what’s really important: recovering.

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