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Suffering From Back Pain After a Car Accident in New York

If you or a family member are experiencing back pain in the days or weeks following an automobile accident, contact a doctor for a complete analysis of your medical condition and then call the attorneys at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLC to discuss your condition and let us help you determine whether you have a viable court case.

More than two-thirds of Americans experience some form of back pain.

So it’s essential that you meet with a doctor to verify that the pain you’re currently experiencing is the result of your recent car accident. It’s also crucial to understand that with back injuries – especially those directly impacting the spine, such as a “herniated disc” – pain often develops and even intensifies over time.

And, obviously, the worst post-injury back pain often results from injuries directly to the spine. These injuries comprise an enormous number of conditions, including damage to the lower back, middle back and neck. The spine is incredibly delicate because it’s comprised of small bones or “discs” (as in slipped or herniated disc), which are filled with fluid and surrounded by nerves, making discs incredibly sensitive and potentially painful areas, especially if your auto injury causes the disc to rupture or leak fluid.

When you meet with your regular doctor (or better still, an Orthopedist), he or she will probably explain your injury using terms like “Thoracic,” “Lumbar” and “Coccyx.” These terms refer to the sections of the spine: the neck or cervical region; the Thoracic, which refers to the middle of your spine; and the Lumbar, which includes the lower portion of your spine ending at your tailbone or coccyx.

The importance of not only understanding the current effects of your injury, but even more, understanding how that injury will affect you in the future, is a point that cannot be stressed enough. With back/spinal injuries, intense pain often continues or worsens after the client settles his or her case. Our partners have decades of experience investigating a variety of motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle and truck crashes, negotiating with insurance companies and taking these lawsuits to trial, when necessary.

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