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Brain Injury Lawyer NYC

Brain injuries following car accidents are deceptive, because – unlike cuts, scrapes and broken bones – they aren’t always immediately apparent after the accident. Blurred vision, hearing and memory loss from traumatic brain injuries can all develop days and even weeks after the initial injury. These injuries can also cause numbness in hands and feet, sometimes leading to partial or even complete paralysis.

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms or find yourself unable to perform simple tasks, consult a doctor immediately. At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience handling traumatic brain injury claims throughout New York City. We have seen hundreds of brain injury cases and we know how tough it is to convince a jury that you aren’t the same person, all because of someone else’s negligent actions. Our experienced attorneys know how to present your brain injury case in a legal context and to insurance adjusters who determine your cash settlement.

Strong representation is essential because you may require surgery or months of physical rehabilitation and/or pharmacological treatment. Ask your physician to recommend a trusted neurologist or neurosurgeon, who might recommend surgical procedures such as removal of hematomas or contusions, craniotomy or a decompressive craniectomy. Following surgery, you may need extensive physical therapy and other rehabilitation. Rehab procedures may include long-term speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy or cognitive rehabilitation therapy and you may also need to work with a psychiatrist or psychologist to address the affects of your traumatic brain injury.

Finally, even after your physical treatment ends, you may need to be on medication for months or even years. Traumatic brain injuries can result in epilepsy or a permanent disability.

In addition to all of the symptoms described above, brain injuries can result in mood swings, personality changes and physical symptoms throughout your body. If you’re experiencing lung or other respiratory problems, irritability or a change in personality since surviving a serious accident, consult a doctor and then consult our experienced personal injury attorneys to discuss your injury case.

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