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Can I Recover Compensation for a Single-Car Accident?

Car accidents can be tough to deal with, especially when multiple vehicles are involved, but in some cases, there is just one vehicle in a wreck: your own. This type of accident is often assumed to be the fault of the driver, but they can also be caused by hazardous road conditions, faulty parts, and other factors. So, how do you go about filing a claim for compensation when it’s just your vehicle involved?

While you’d think that these types of cases may be a little easier to solve because there is just one party involved in the actual crash, things can actually get quite complicated.

No-Fault Insurance in New York

Even if you were fully at fault for the crash, New York’s no-fault insurance laws still provide you with an option for seeking compensation. You’ll be able to file a claim with your own insurer for your initial medical bills and lost wages, up to your policy limits.

Your insurer won’t be eager to pay more than they absolutely have to, however—even if you’ve been diligently paying your premiums for years. A car crash attorney from our office can help you get the most from your no-fault claim.

Who Else Could Be at Fault for a Single-Vehicle Crash?

Just because your vehicle was the only one involved in the wreck, it doesn’t automatically mean that you were responsible for what happened. When you’ve been in a car accident because of hazardous road conditions, for example, the possible parties at fault might include the following:

  • Construction companies for leaving equipment or debris in the road
  • The city, county, or state for not maintaining roads properly

On the other hand, your crash might have been caused by a defective part or tire. Potential at-fault parties might include the following:

  • Maintenance technicians if the part wasn’t installed or maintained correctly
  • The manufacturer of the part if they didn’t complete the quality-control process, or if they cut corners during their manufacturing process
  • The manufacturer of the car if the specs were incorrect or under recall

In both of these cases, you now have multiple parties that could be at fault despite not being present during the wreck.

Seeking Compensation Is Complicated

The process of seeking compensation can get complicated very quickly, especially if government entities or large corporations are involved. An attorney from our firm will know exactly how to combat these large corporations and agencies, as well as how to negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve. The first thing you should do is contact our office.

Contact an NYC Auto Wreck Lawyer

Accidents involving one vehicle aren’t as open-and-shut as they may seem. When the investigation is underway on your case, it might turn out that there are multiple parties at fault. This isn’t something you should try to solve on your own, however.

Instead, contact a car accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP by completing the form below or by giving us a call at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462).

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