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New York City Road Construction Accident Lawyer

Road construction is a major cause of car accidents in the New York City area.

Personal injury and property damage are just two types of claims that victims can pursue after being injured in an accident in a road construction zone.

Sometimes the victims are the workers rather than the drivers. Other times, drivers don’t get enough warning or encounter things like a sharp shoulder drop-off that is not safe to drive on. There are even situations where the construction company was liable because they neglected to post the appropriate signs or block off the road, or they did not have enough people to safely manage the flow of traffic.

While it is important to be careful when driving in a construction zone, it is also important that drivers are directed through detours that are safe to drive in. An experienced New York City construction accident lawyer can help you figure out who was responsible for your accident and help you seek compensation.

Who Is Responsible for Road Construction Accidents?

The defendant in a road construction case could be anyone from a machine operator to a construction company or even the state itself.

If a construction worker did something wrong, he or she will most likely be backed by the company and its corporate lawyers.

If the issue is the road itself, you may face attorneys representing local, state, or federal government entities. These attorneys are almost guaranteed to have substantial resources at their disposal.

Unless a car accident happened in a construction zone without involving unsafe road conditions or construction worker errors, you won’t be dealing with lawyers who represent individuals. Rather, you will be up against corporate lawyers—possibly an entire legal team. In these cases, you will need someone on your side to represent your best interests throughout the proceedings.

Dangers of Pursuing Compensation Without a Lawyer

It is always possible to represent yourself in many different types of accidents, but road construction accidents are often considered some of the most complicated.

Further, if you are up against an entire team of lawyers, it can not only be very intimidating, but you also risk not getting the compensation you deserve. Instead, it’s best to rely on the experience and knowledge of a New York City construction accident lawyer who is familiar with seeking compensation in many different types of accidents.

Otherwise, if you try to take on the responsible party alone, you risk losing compensation or agreeing to an amount that is neither fair nor sufficient. The experienced lawyers of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can ensure you get any compensation you deserve.

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If you have been in a road construction accident, whether you are the driver or a construction worker, it’s in your best interests to let us help you throughout the process.

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