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Bronx Taxi Accident Lawyer

Getting fair compensation from a cab crash isn’t simple. Get every penny you’re owed by working with a Bronx taxi accident lawyer.

You may have many concerns after being hurt in an accident with a taxicab. Wondering who to sue and who will pay for your losses are common questions tor taxi crash victims. Property damage and medical costs for injuries may be costing you a substantial amount of your savings, putting you in serious debt.

If the accident was the result of negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation for damages and recoup your medical costs and other losses. Recovering money you deserve is not easy, to say the least. Because many different factors come into play when a taxi is involved, it is often difficult to navigate the legal details necessary to get a full settlement.

It’s important to know that a Bronx taxi accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP will help you through the legal process to get you the money you deserve.

Taxicab Accidents in the Bronx

The taxicab industry is big business, especially in the New York City area. While many taxi drivers are cautious, there are those who will risk safety for the sake of profits. You may have been a victim in one of the following scenarios:

  • Passenger of the Taxi – If you were a passenger in the taxicab, taxi drivers are obligated to get you to your destination safely.

Who Is at Fault for My Taxi Accident?

Because there may be multiple parties involved, taxi accidents can be tricky to litigate. To ensure we get you the money you deserve, we will use all our resources to investigate the accident, determine who is liable for the crash, and evaluate how much your claim is worth.

Because taxi drivers work for a transportation company, there may be one or more parties responsible for your cab crash. In addition, other outside parties may have contributed to the accident if a malfunction occurred due to defects.

You may be able to file a claim against any of the following who are at least partially liable for what happened:

  • Taxicab driver
  • Taxi company
  • Automaker if the crash resulted from a malfunction of the vehicle
  • Auto part manufacturer if there was a defective part involved
  • Maintenance company for failing to provide proper maintenance

Recovering Damages from Those Responsible

It’s important to seek legal advice from a Bronx taxi accident lawyer from our office before accepting any offer from an insurance company. Insurance companies are known to offer lowball settlements when an attorney is not involved.

We will pursue everything you are entitled to, which may include the following damages:

  • Lost wages and future income
  • Medical expenses, current and future
  • Physical, psychological, and rehabilitative therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death

Contact a Bronx Cab Crash Attorney

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