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Bronx Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If a careless driver injured you while you were riding a bike, you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Get a full settlement by working with a Bronx bicycle accident lawyer.

Getting hit by a car while riding a bike can be a traumatic experience that may have left you with devastating injuries. The pain and the emotional stress of the never-ending medical bills can leave you worried about your financial future. On top of that, the inability to work, whether temporary or permanent, can leave you in major debt.

Negligence is usually the reason accidents occur. If your crash was caused by the careless act of another person or party, you can file a personal injury claim to recover damages that result from your accident. To get started, a Bronx bicycle accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP will help you understand your options in obtaining fair and full compensation.

Driver Negligence Causes Most Car-Bicycle Wrecks

Nearly 50,000 cyclists are injured each year in the United States. You are at an increased risk for injury when riding your bike alongside motor vehicles in the Bronx or anywhere else in New York City. Besides the fact that bicycles are obviously lighter and much smaller than cars, they lack the protective barrier and safety features that cars and trucks have. As a result, serious and catastrophic injuries can occur.

Bicycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, from cars failing to yield while making a turn at an intersection to driving too closely to cyclists, drivers can easily put bike riders at increased risk for harm. In addition, many drivers do not drive at a safe distance from bicycles, may not be paying attention, or may be unaware a bicyclist is in his or her path until it’s too late.

Proving the Driver’s Fault

Your Bronx bicycle accident lawyer will protect your rights when negligence caused your injuries. The most common causes of bike crashes in the New York City area include all of the following:

  • Driver Error – Misjudging a safe distance from the cyclist
  • Distracted Driving – Texting and talking on cell phones, eating while driving, conversing with passengers, changing or adjusting the radio, reaching for something
  • Intoxication – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Speeding – Excessive speed can lead to the inability to stop in time to avoid a cyclist
  • Failing to Yield – Drivers failing to yield at crosswalks, intersections, and in parking lots

Bicycle Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

While you are riding a bicycle, you are not protected well against the force and weight of a motor vehicle. All bicycle accidents are unique. From mild injuries to serious harm and sometimes death, the severity of the impact can determine the course of your life.

Your Bronx bicycle accident lawyer will have experience handling claims for a number of different injury types and will be able to help you determine what a fair settlement amount will be:

    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) – From minor concussions to serious brain trauma
    • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord damage and paralysis can lead to lifelong disabilities and the need for ongoing medical care
    • Amputation – A severed limb upon impact is not uncommon in these crashes
    • Broken Bones – Broken arms, legs, and back are common bicycle injuries
    • Death – You can seek compensation on behalf of a loved one who died in a bicycle-car crash

Injuries from bike accidents are typically severe, leading to long-term or permanent disability that can require treatment and care for the remainder of your life. Even a broken bone can dramatically impact your health, causing chronic pain and partial immobility.

Insurance Companies and the Art of Negotiating a Settlement

To ensure that you are compensated properly, we will investigate your accident and examine all the evidence. Your Bronx bicycle accident lawyer will handle the collection of police records, medical records, photographs, witness statements, and other documents. If necessary, we will reenact the accident and interview additional witnesses who may be pertinent to your case.

The severity of your injury and how it impacts your life will determine the value of your damages. We will aggressively negotiate with insurers for all your damages so that you can obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

To ensure you receive fair and full compensation, it is important that a lawyer from our firm help you negotiate with the insurance companies to recover all damages incurred in the accident. When a lawyer does not represent you, insurers are quick to take advantage of the situation, offering a low settlement amount that may only cover your current medical bills and not your future needs.

Our firm will work hard to recover a comprehensive settlement on your behalf, which may include any of the following losses:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitative, physical, and psychological therapy
  • Lost and future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Contact a Bronx Bicycle-Car Accident Lawyer

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