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At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, our entire New York-based legal practice is dedicated to helping clients injured by the negligence of others. We never pull our punches when fighting for our personal injury clients and remain focused and forceful throughout the entire personal injury claims process. Our experienced attorneys are tough with the opposition, but compassionate with the people who need our services most: our clients.

When accident victims approach Greenstein & Milbauer, they’re often confused about their legal options, suffering physically, and anxious about their finances and their future. We understand and make fast follow-up and personal interaction a priority.

If you or someone who care about has been injured, reach out to us. We fight aggressively to recover every dollar of compensation you need and deserve for your injuries and financial losses, handling medical malpractice cases, construction accidents, slip-and-fall cases and all types of personal injury cases involving car, truck, motorcycle and public transportation-related accidents.

To learn more about our rock solid group of personal injury attorneys – with decades of experience litigating cases in New York City’s challenging court system, visit the links to our attorney profile pages below.

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