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Tactics Insurance Companies Use Against Motorcyclists

Insurance companies use all kinds of tactics to discriminate against motorcyclists. Motorcycles are a higher-risk mode of transportation than most other vehicles, so insurance companies do all they can to minimize their liability when involved with motorcyclists. 

Whether you’ve been in a serious accident or a minor fender bender, insurance companies may use multiple deceitful tactics to lessen their liability. If you don’t act accordingly, that can keep you from getting what you deserve.

Fighting these tactics alone can prove very difficult if you do not have an understanding of what tactics the insurance companies use, and how they use them. At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, we know these tactics, and we’re ready to combat them so you can be sure you’re getting the full compensation you’re due after an NYC motorcycle accident

Insurance Companies Aren’t On Your Side

A major tactic insurance companies use against motorcyclists is pretending to be on their side. By acting friendly toward you, they try to gain your trust, so they can use it against you down the road by pushing you to admit partial fault or fraud. 

Although the insurance company may seem to be on your side at the moment, you can be sure that they only have one interest in mind. They want to protect their profits, and to do that, they want to prevent you from getting a settlement for the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered. 

Claiming Pre-Existing Injuries

Another useful tactic the insurance companies will use against motorcyclists is claiming that the injuries the motorcyclist sustained already existed. They claim the injuries are not related to the accident at hand to try and relieve themselves of any liability.

The insurance companies may also downplay how serious an injury the biker sustained. They will claim that the injury sustained does not require the medical attention that it actually deserves to avoid paying for your claim.

Proving you were injured in the accident is vital. Your NYC car crash lawyer can help you speak with doctors and get new exam information. A doctor’s statement is a type of expert testimony, which can support your claim if you go to court.

Using Stereotypes Against You

Unfortunately, many people have certain stereotypes about motorcyclists in their minds. These stereotypes include motorcyclists being reckless drivers who drive too fast with no regard for their own safety.

As unfair as these stereotypes are to the biker community, insurance companies may use them against you. They will try to shift the blame for an accident onto the motorcyclist and use these stereotypes to claim that the motorcyclist was driving unsafely and caused the accident. 

Insurance companies know that victims may be hesitant to challenge these claims, and they try to get away with paying out much less to the motorcyclist because of this. In a situation like this, an experienced lawyer is a necessity when seeking the compensation you deserve for the accident.

Talk to Your Lawyer about Avoiding These Tactics 

Fighting these insurance companies and their unethical tactics alone is a tall task. Let our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys help to defend you and ensure that you get what you deserve. 

The lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP are here for you. Get started with a free consultation to learn more about your options when insurance companies use unfair tactics against you. Reach out by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by completing the online contact form below.  

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