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Do Motorcyclists Get Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies?

Although it obviously depends on who you ask, motorcyclists do tend to get the short end of the stick from insurers, even if they happen to be completely in the right.

While this is obviously unfair, many insurance companies are able to get away with it, if for no other reason than the pervasive stereotypes that plague bikers.

In this post, we will discuss some of these stereotypes and their implications for your case.

Why ‘Reckless Biker’ Stereotypes Are So Common

Often, motorcyclists are seen as being both aggressive and reckless on the road, despite little concrete evidence that bikers behavior in such a manner. Unfortunately, these stereotypes—an outsized and misguided perception based on the behavior of a few deviant bikers—can spoil the entire lot.

More importantly, these overly broad characterizations can actually affect how much compensation you receive. That’s thanks to New York’s use of the standard of comparative negligence.

Comparative negligence, which allows multiple parties to share blame in a motorcycle accident, can limit your compensation to the degree to which you’re found to be at fault (e.g., being found 30 percent liable would decrease your damages by 30 percent).

Because lessened liability translates to reduced payouts, insurers are almost certain to paint you as someone who lacks common sense or decency. A simple solution to this conundrum is contacting a reputable attorney who can speak to insurers on your behalf, handling the tough and potentially incriminating questions.

Reach Out to a New York Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are more than just a pain; they have serious consequences that affect actual people. Unfortunately, many insurance companies leave their morals at the door when a biker makes a claim, hoping that the accident victim will eventually back down.

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