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How Lawyers Help Motorcyclists After Crashes 

If you or someone you love has been in an accident while on a motorcycle, reaching out to the right person can make a big difference in your claim. The right lawyer can guide you through this difficult time and help you get the funds you need to recover. 

Attorneys for vehicle and motorcycle accidents can be a key part of getting the funds you’re due after an accident. They are on your side, and they provide a number of services to help you get the most out of your case. Here’s what you can expect from the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP.

Gathering Evidence During The Discovery Phase

In a lawsuit, the discovery phase is a time for both sides of the lawsuit to bring forward all the evidence they have for the claim. Depending on the information that was recorded during the accident, they may have to also question any witnesses, read the police report, look into the damage that was done, and more. 

Your lawyer will take steps to find every detail before bringing the case to court. This evidence is required if you’re looking to gain compensation for the accident you’ve been in. It can show who was at fault and record any damages and losses sustained.

Knowing What Your Claim Is Worth

One of the biggest reasons for hiring a lawyer after a motorcycle accident is to seek compensation for your damages and losses. The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the specifics of the case, which the lawyer will look over and decide on a fair amount to ask for. 

This amount can include any lost wages, the amount you’ve paid to doctors and other health professionals for the injuries you’ve suffered because of the accident, and other losses that you’ve suffered. The amount can vary depending on the totals that are tallied up from these losses. 

Emotional losses are also figured into these amounts. This is any fear, emotional distress, or other hardships you’ve endured due to the accident. Because these damages aren’t based on your financial costs, you may need a lawyer’s guidance to determine what your non-economic damages are worth. 

Representation in the Courtroom

If you’re bringing the responsible party to court, having an attorney who can speak on your behalf is important. This is also important if you’d like to settle the case outside of court through mediation with the other party.

In some instances, the responsible party would like to settle and agree on a set amount without bringing the case to court. They can work with the other parties to come to an agreement, or file the necessary paperwork to get the case going after a motorcycle crash

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