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Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle riders are more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than drivers of cars or trucks for several reasons. First, there is nothing protecting you when you’re on a bike, so if you are in an accident, the injuries are likely to be more severe. Second, it can be difficult for other drivers to see motorcycles on the road, especially when there is heavy traffic or poor weather.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2014 the number of people who died in motorcycle accidents was down to 4,586 people. However, the statistics can be deceiving.

In that same time period, there were 92,000 motorcycle riders who were injured, which is a 4.5 percent increase from the year before. That means you are twenty-seven times more likely to die in a crash as a motorcycle rider than you would be if you were in a car. Motorcyclists are also 5 percent more likely to be injured.

If you were in a motorcycle wreck that wasn’t your fault, don’t let the overwhelming medical expenses and repair bills destroy your finances. A motorcycle accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can ensure that you are treated fairly and fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Fighting Unfair Bias Against Motorcyclists

There is an unfortunate but common bias against motorcycle riders that causes people to unfairly assume they are inherently dangerous and reckless drivers. This makes it more important than ever to hire an accident lawyer to build a case proving who was really at fault for your crash.

Determining Who Is to Blame

Negligence is the legal concept of fault. Your accident attorney will gather evidence that demonstrates another driver, rider, dangerous road, or some other factor was the cause of your accident.

By demonstrating that you are not to blame, it becomes possible for you to receive financial compensation through either an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Gathering Evidence

One of the ways that your motorcycle accident lawyer will prove the other party’s negligence is by gathering and presenting evidence that could include any of the items listed below:

  • Accident reports
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Photographs or video footage
  • Medical records
  • Insurance investigator assessments
  • Background information
  • And more

Paying for Medical Care Without Insurance

If you were injured in a crash but do not have health insurance, you can still receive medical care. A lawyer from our office can go over your options with you in detail during your free consultation.

Generally speaking, your motorcycle insurance policy will pick up the tab for your diagnostic appointments, emergency care, and initial treatment. They should supply you with a claim number that you can give to the doctor to have everything billed to them directly. You should be able to go to the doctor without paying a copay or using your own healthcare plan.

Help with Denials for Treatment and Coverage

If the insurance company denies a request for a particular procedure, your Manhattan motorcycle accident lawyer can negotiate with them in an attempt to get it approved. In some cases, we will need to go to court in order to get you the medical care required for your recovery.

Get More for Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

You deserve to receive compensation for how your injuries have impacted your life. This means that you could be entitled to far more than simply having your medical bills covered. Receiving compensation, however, can be challenging without legal help.

Your settlement should include compensation for any damages and expenses you sustained in your motorcycle wreck:

  • Lost wages and income due to time off from work
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative services
  • Transportation expenses or a replacement vehicle
  • Retrofitting your home to accommodate a serious injury
  • Caregiver expenses if you now require help around the house or with your children
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other expenses that are a direct result of your motorcycle accident injuries

Were You Properly Diagnosed?

You need to be properly diagnosed by a medical professional after your motorcycle crash. Some injuries, such as broken bones and lacerations, will be obvious. Others, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or traumatic brain injuries (TBI), may not manifest immediately.

We encourage clients not to settle until they are confident that all of their injuries have been diagnosed. Your motorcycle accident lawyer from Manhattan will ensure that your financial award accounts for your delayed injuries, but once you settle, you won’t be able to receive further compensation.

New York Statute of Limitations

After being in a motorcycle crash, you have three years in which to file your personal injury lawsuit. If you fail to do so within those time constraints, your case may never be heard. This makes hiring an accident lawyer immediately after your accident within your best interests.

Even if we do not file a lawsuit immediately, we can begin the negotiation process and ensure that everything is filed in a timely manner so that you never lose the opportunity to seek compensation.

Protecting Yourself After a Motorcycle Wreck

It is critical that you hire an attorney to represent you so that you can protect yourself, your financial interests, and your future. It is necessary to build a strong case to prove that the other driver was negligent or at fault so that you are not unfairly blamed and saddled with the medical and repair bills associated with the crash.

The other party’s insurance company will be doing everything they can to put the blame on you. Their objective is to prove that you were more to blame for the crash so that you receive either nothing or far less than you deserve.Retaining a Manhattan motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm is the simplest and strongest answer to all of these issues.

Get Help from a Manhattan Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Protecting yourself starts the very moment of your motorcycle crash. The recovery process and its accompanying bills followed by the legal hurdles standing between you and compensation can make an unfortunate situation seem overwhelming. A motorcycle accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you come through it all on top.

To review your legal options with one of our capable attorneys, call 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) and arrange your free case evaluation. If you prefer, you can also submit the form below, and someone from our staff will contact you.


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