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Brooklyn Taxi Accident Lawyer

Determining fault in cab wrecks tends to be more complicated than with other traffic accidents. Find out who owes you a settlement by retaining a Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer.

If you were injured by a licensed yellow taxicab, rideshare service, or unlicensed cab, you will need the help of a Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer. With over 13,000 yellow cabs in New York City, the risk of being injured in an accident with one is fairly high. However minor, you have the right to file a personal injury claim and seek compensation for any harm that has been done to you.

Who Can File After a Cab Crash?

For you to file a lawsuit against a cab company or driver, they need to have been responsible for the accident. It doesn’t matter if you were hurt as a passenger, pedestrian, or someone in another vehicle—if they were at fault, you can sue with the help of a Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer.

This means that you can seek compensation if you were any of the following:

  • Run over by a cab
  • Injured while riding in a taxi
  • Struck by a taxicab while in a personal or commercial vehicle

Fault and Taxicab Wrecks

The key to successfully filing a lawsuit is identifying who was at fault and then proving it. Taxi accidents can be more involved than other crashes when it comes to fault because of the large number of different entities involved in running these vehicles:

  • Taxi company
  • Cabbie
  • Owner of the cab
  • Manufacturer who produced and sold the cab
  • Maintenance company tasked with repairs

The Type of Cab Matters

A licensed yellow taxicab is required to carry the insurance limits established by New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. This includes up to $100,000 in liability per individual or $300,000 for everyone in the accident. In minor wrecks, these limits should be enough to pay for your financial damages.

Unlicensed cabs and rideshare services, such as Lyft and Uber, carry different policies that may only apply some of the time and under certain conditions. If the insurance policy is not enough to pay for the compensation owed to you, we can still proceed with asking a jury to award you a higher amount.

Calculating Your Financial Compensation

By looking beyond just your medical bills, we can request money to pay for all the ways your life has been negatively impacted by the cab crash. For example, if you had to hire a driver to take you to and from work while you recover, you can be compensated for that. If you required a caregiver to help while you had a broken leg, you can get money for that, as well.

Essentially, any direct expenses or financial losses you have suffered (including lost wages) can be compensated. We can also request money to pay for any non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and lost quality of life.

Settling Your Taxicab Accident Case

If you would prefer to settle your case outside of court, hiring a Brooklyn taxi accident lawyer to negotiate on your behalf is wise. The taxi company and their insurance agency is not on your side and will make a lowball offer to start with. We can get you more money and ensure that you’re treated fairly.

Speak with a Brooklyn Cab Crash Attorney

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