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Upstate New York Car Accident Lawyer

Every car accident comes with its own unique set of circumstances. You can hope to avoid the issue entirely, but sometimes things happen which are well beyond your control. Most of the time, the issue has nothing to do with your own actions or driving abilities but instead with those on the road around you. You can drive as carefully as possible and still end up in an accident. From the moment you get into a car accident, it’s important to seek the counsel of an experienced car accident lawyer in upstate New York.Car Accident Lawyer Upstate New York 1

New York Fault or No-Fault

New York allows for no-fault insurance under most circumstances. That is to say, there are certain circumstances where no-fault is not available, but the limits of no-fault don’t apply either. For example, those who are in an accident while riding a motorcycle will not be able to use no-fault, but their claims start from the first dollar rather than having to manage the limits that no-fault brings. As you can see, even navigating the basic insurance laws and claims can be difficult. The attorneys at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP will take the extra steps required to help you file the right claims with the proper paperwork, even when it involves multiple entities.

Accidents in Upstate New York

While the roads in upstate New York might be considered less active than those in the heart of New York City, the area still experiences its fair share of car accidents. For example, in Syracuse in 2013, there were at least 14 vehicles involved in fatal accidents. And, this is only one part of the area considered upstate New York. Furthermore, the metropolitan NYC area and upstate areas often share common causes of accidents such as those occurring due to distracted driving, bad weather, and poor road conditions. No matter where in New York your car accident occurs, make sure you have the assistance and expertise of qualified attorneys on your side.

Short-Term Car Accident Risks

Car Accident Lawyer Upstate New York 2Short-term car accident risks usually involve things like minimal property damage or physical injuries. These are the types of damages that can be repaired or healed rather quickly and are also sometimes the most obvious injuries. However, even short-term injuries aren’t always recognized immediately, and if they are, they may lead to long-term injuries or damages. For example, you might be able to see that a rim was knocked off the axle, but you may not see the new slight bend or crack in the axle itself. When it comes to the human body, this is even more the case as shock tends to hide some of the injuries that occur after an accident. We can help you put the pieces together so that you can recover and treat all injuries and damages.

Long-Term Car Accident Risks

Some of the long-term risks are direct results of the short-term risks. For example, your neck may feel a little sore or “loose” after a car accident. You may have whiplash, which usually goes away after a matter of days or weeks. However, if left untreated (and sometimes even with treatment), injuries such as whiplash can lead to long-term damage. You might also suffer from long-term financial damages resulting from time off work to rest or seek treatment for your injuries. In truth, it’s difficult for the average person to see all the details of their long-term risks, but we can help. Experienced professionals can outline existing injuries and make sure you get the proper care to address those injuries and determine whether or not they might continue or worsen.

Managing a Car Accident without An Experienced Lawyer

The biggest risk of trying to manage the details of a car accident without an experienced lawyer is that you could be stuck with the financial burden for the rest of your life, in addition to any other problems the accident has thrust upon you. Things like job loss and long-term medical issues aren’t things you want to take lightly, especially when both can worsen and affect you in the future. Instead of trying to manage these things on your own, look to an experienced car accident lawyer in upstate New York.

Whether you are sure someone else was responsible or not, if you or a family member have been in a car accident in upstate New York, contact the office of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP  and call 1-800-VICTIM2 (1-800-842-8462).

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