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New York City Car Accident Common Types

While the experienced lawyers of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP are familiar with many different types of common car accidents, New York’s Data Portal contains in-depth information concerning the statistics concerning New York City and the types of accidents that most frequently occur.

One thing is true for just about every New York City car accident: Despite the many different types of car accidents and their varied reasons for occurring, almost every one of them could have been prevented.

Every driver in New York has a responsibility to focus on the road and his or her driving before anything else. When drivers do this and follow the rules of the road, the road becomes much safer for everyone.

Knowing and following the traffic laws of New York City is the first step to avoiding being the at-fault driver in a car accident.

Rear-End Car Accident

Because speeding and distracted driving are the leading causes of car accidents, it is no surprise that rear-ending is one of the most common types of car accidents in New York.

The heavy traffic sometimes really is bumper to bumper, and when someone gets impatient or fails to maintain a safe distance, the negligent driver ends up rear-ending the car in front.

Although this type of accident is often a minor fender bender, it can easily be serious if the rear driver is approaching at high speeds or pushes the lead car out into traffic.

T-Bone Accidents

A T-bone accident occurs when one car hits the other head-on, but on the other car’s side rather than front-to-front. This type of accident is often the result of running either a red light or stop sign and can result in serious injuries for anyone involved.


When one car hits the side of another car with its own side, this type of accident is called a sideswipe. It most commonly happens when one driver leaves his or her lane and enters the lane of another car.

In the best of scenarios, only the paintjob is damaged. However, these accidents can also result in neck and back injuries or serious damage to either car’s side.

A sideswipe accident can become even more serious if high speeds are involved or if one driver is pushed off the road into oncoming traffic. Sideswipes can vary greatly in severity depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Parking Lot Accident

One of the most frustrating types of car accidents that occur in New York City is the parking lot accident. Although you might think that because of the slower speeds, you’d be safe from severe injuries and damages—serious accidents do in fact happen in parking lots.

Cars backing up with obstructed views, pedestrian traffic, and poor signage are all major contributors to parking lot accidents.

Whether your accident was caused by a distracted driver or happened while the car was parked and you were away, this type of accident is one of the most preventable.

Single-Vehicle Car Accidents

There are plenty of car accidents that involve just a single vehicle. In single-vehicle car accidents, the driver might run off the road and hit something or swerve and crash.

However, just because no other drivers are involved, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person in the accident is at fault. Single-vehicle car accidents can be caused by poorly maintained roads, bad weather conditions, or poor or absent signage.

In cases where another entity may be responsible for the accident, you could still be entitled to compensation for your injuries—even if you were the only driver involved.

Multiple-Vehicle Collisions

Car accidents involving multiple vehicles can be some of the most complicated simply because of the sheer number of drivers and cars that can be involved.

These accidents often happen because of one person’s actions snowballing and causing others to crash as well. Multiple-vehicle collisions can begin with a rear-end accident that pushed a car into oncoming traffic, or it may be a case of multiple distracted drivers crashing into each other.

Because these are complex accidents, it’s important that you have experienced lawyers to help figure out just who was at fault and to ensure the right person is held responsible.

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