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Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer

In areas with highly congested traffic, such as Staten Island, trucks are a common sight and are often responsible for a variety of different types of accidents. When your compact car collides with a large truck, it’s usually plain to see which driver is going to suffer the worst injuries and damages. However, even larger cars, trucks, and SUVs sustain significant damages in these types of accidents.

No matter the damages or the injuries, tending to the details of accidents like these can be stressful and expensive, especially while dealing with insurance companies. In any event, truck accidents are complicated affairs that can change your life.

Fortunately, you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses when someone else was at fault for the truck crash. An experienced Staten Island truck accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you determine who was at fault and represent you during the legal process.

Determining Fault in Large Truck Crashes

Trying to figure out who was at fault is the most complicated part of most accidents involving 18-wheelers and other large trucks. Depending on the specifics, the trucker, trucking company, truck part manufacturer, or even a government entity may have been to blame for your crash.

A Staten Island truck accident lawyer from our firm will be able to help you determine precisely where the blame lies and who needs to be named in your lawsuit. This will allow you to pursue the most compensation possible for your case.

Possible At-Fault Parties

If the trucker was driving negligently through driving distracted, driving fatigued, driving drunk, or failing to obey traffic laws, then the blame will be clear. Your Staten Island truck accident lawyer will investigate your crash and determine if any of these factors applied.

However, if the truck was not maintained properly or a part failed, then the trucking company or a part manufacturer may need to be held accountable.

Similarly, if the real cause of the accident was a road in disrepair or some other outside factor, it may be that a government agency or private business played a role in causing your truck accident.

Types of Staten Island 18-Wheeler Accidents

There are many types of 18-wheeler accidents that happen in the Staten Island area—some of which don’t always involve driver negligence. Accidents caused by things such as a lost load or mechanical issues are sometimes not the fault of the truck driver.

Other types of truck accidents that happen include the following:

  • Rollover
  • Underride
  • Head-on collision
  • Jackknife

Like most car and motorcycle crashes, truck accidents are not only serious, but many could have been prevented. Your Staten Island truck accident lawyer will build a case that demonstrates this, clearly indicating who was at fault.

Common Types of Injuries from Truck Accidents

The types of injuries caused by truck accidents are varied, but tend to be more serious than they might have been if the accident had only involved passenger vehicles. This is because trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles. They may also have problems stopping as quickly as a car, especially if they have a large load behind them.

Injuries such as concussions, severed limbs, back trauma, and other serious injuries are common in large truck accidents. Many victims die on the scene or on the way to the hospital. Other injuries that happen in truck accidents include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Psychological injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones

Regardless of the specifics, the resulting expenses are usually more than anyone has on hand or is prepared for. An experienced Staten Island truck accident lawyer can help you recover some of these costs so that you can heal with a little less stress afterward.

Staten Island Truck Accident FAQ

Every truck accident comes with its own unique set of questions and legal difficulties. Below, we’ve answered a few of the questions we receive on a regular basis. If you would like more information, please call our firm and speak to a Staten Island truck accident lawyer.

How quickly do I need to pursue legal action after a truck accident?

New York provides a three-year statute of limitations in which you must file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation. Additionally, truck inspections and other records are routinely destroyed after a set amount of time, so you’ll want to act as quickly as possible.

What if I was partially to blame for my truck accident?

New York observes comparative fault, so as long as someone else was at least 51 percent at fault for the crash, you can still receive financial compensation. The amount of fault you are responsible for will directly reduce your settlement amount, however.

Will I have to go to court for my truck accident?

You should always be prepared to take your case to trial, but most cases settle out of court. Truckers, trucking companies, and insurers will all want to avoid court as much as possible, so the possibility of successful negotiations is very good.

Why You Need a Staten Island Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are not only traumatic and complicated, but they also come with different challenges than other types of traffic accidents. You are likely going to be up against against a number of professionals ranging from the truck driver, the trucking company, insurance companies, and attorneys representing the other side. Because of these challenges, you need a Staten Island truck accident lawyer with experience and who knows how to negotiate and navigate the process successfully.

The attorneys of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP have the experience to get you the compensation you deserve. Make sure you aren’t victimized again by a complicated system. Let us help you get the justice you deserve. Please fill out the form below or call our lawyers at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) to schedule your free case evaluation.

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