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Staten Island Uber Accident Lawyer

When you’re injured by a rideshare driver, it can be tough to overcome your injuries. You’ll need a Staten Island attorney to review your claim and help you fight for the full compensation you need after an Uber accident.

When you hop in an Uber, you might be thinking about avoiding traffic or making transport to and from your EWR flight easier. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers are people, too, which means a car crash is a possibility.

When another driver leaves you injured and suffering, call on the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. A Staten Island Uber accident lawyer can help you fight back for the full compensation you deserve.

Liability for Rideshare Accidents

When you’re involved in an Uber crash, you’ll first need to determine who’s at fault. As in most car accident cases, there may be multiple potentially responsible parties, like the following:


  • The Uber Driver – If the rideshare driver was negligent and caused an accident, they could be liable for the damages. The coverage offered will depend on whether they were actively on a drive or whether they were waiting for another rider.
  • The Other Driver – Your Uber driver may have done everything they could, but a crash still happened because another driver was negligent. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash.
  • Defective Parts – In some cases, no driver may have been at fault. Instead, a part may have malfunctioned, leaving you and others hurt and suffering. That damage should be compensated by the manufacturer.


Seeking Compensation from Uber

If the Uber driver is responsible for your accident, getting your full compensation may be tough. Typically, an injury caused by an employee is the responsibility of their employer. However, Uber is careful to describe themselves as an app company, not an employer. That keeps them from taking responsibility for car crashes their drivers cause.

Fortunately, Uber drivers are required to carry insurance for commercial drivers, generally covering up to $1 million in damages. In many cases, this coverage may be enough to cover you completely for your suffering.

However, keep in mind that the insurance company may not agree with paying for your full compensation. Instead, you may need to seek out the aid of a Staten Island lawyer to get a settlement from the insurers that covers your needs.

Seek a Staten Island Lawyer for Uber Accidents

Uber accidents can be complex. You’re getting a ride from someone else, and you were injured by their negligence, but who’s responsible for your claim? Unfortunately, it can be tough to recover and get compensation for your injuries.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP, you’ll have the legal guidance you need to determine who’s at fault and how much you’re owed. Get started today with a free consultation, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a Staten Island Uber accident lawyer before you sign anything. That way, you’ll know how hard we’ll fight for you before you begin.

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