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Staten Island Shoulder Drop-off Accident Lawyer

When a road has a low shoulder, it can be easy for a driver to get too close and slip off the edge of the road. This inevitably leads to vehicle damage and possibly even collisions with other cars.

In some cases, no one noticed that the shoulder had eroded, so it was never addressed or repaired. Sometimes, however, there really isn’t a shoulder because a construction crew is working on adding a lane next to the one you were driving in.

In cases like this, your insurance is not likely to cover all of the damages. Even if it did, your rates might increase despite your not being at fault. Hiring a Staten Island shoulder drop-off accident lawyer can help you recover some of these costs.

Assigning Fault in Staten Island Accidents

Through no fault of your own, you may be facing thousands of dollars in vehicle damage or personal injury.

Our lawyers can help you determine who is actually responsible for your expenses. Even if other cars were involved in the accident, those drivers may not be responsible either—especially if a shoulder drop-off is involved.

In many cases, one driver hits the edge of the shoulder and, feeling the car being pulled to the right, automatically overcorrects and pulls to the left. Once you leave the shoulder and the car is no longer fighting against the pull, it is forced into other lanes of traffic or barriers. Even if your accident was a single-car crash, the involvement of a faulty shoulder drop-off means you should not have to pay for all the expenses involved.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

Seeking compensation in these cases can be challenging because it is not always clear who is responsible.

When the bad shoulder drop-off is the result of negligent maintenance or road upkeep, the responsibility falls to whatever entity is responsible for that particular road. For example, state highways are maintained by the state, county highways by the county, and so forth.

However, there might be construction in process that is repairing the road, and the crew just hasn’t reached that particular area yet.

Regardless of who was responsible, you’ll find yourself up against a number of individuals and entities who won’t have your best interests in mind. It can be difficult determining who is responsible in these types of cases, but our experienced lawyers can make sure the right person is held accountable. You could be entitled to compensation for your accident, even if it’s the road itself that was to blame.

Contact an Attorney

Cases like these can be managed by a Staten Island shoulder drop-off accident lawyer who has both the knowledge and experience to handle the law and any accompanying confusion.

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