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NYC Bus Accident Lawyer

A public transportation crash involving a school or commuter bus can leave victims injured and dealing with a number of expenses and losses. Find out if you can get compensated for what you’ve been through with help from an NYC bus accident lawyer.

Whether you were a passenger, another driver, or a pedestrian, if you were hurt in a crash involving a bus of any sort, you’re almost certain to be faced with large amounts of medical debt and other losses.

Getting the bus’s owner or insurer to give you fair compensation to cover these damages won’t be easy. This is because their primary concern is paying you as little as possible to protect their own financial interests.

Getting a fair settlement means knowing what your claim’s full value is before entering negotiations. An NYC bus accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help you determine what your claim is worth and get the money you need to pay for your recovery.


New York Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury

How much time you have to file your personal injury claim depends on whether you were hurt by public transportation that is owned by the government or by a private individual or company. For a private entity, the statute of limitations for suing is three years after the date of your bus accident.

However, if you need to sue New York State or New York City, you need to move quickly and retain an NYC bus accident lawyer within ninety days so that notice can be properly given. Anytime a government entity is responsible for an accident or injury, the time frame allowed for seeking damages is substantially smaller.


Common Causes of Public Transportation Accidents

The exact cause of your bus crash is central to your case. We’ll need to conduct a full investigation into the accident and pinpoint precisely who was at fault so that you can name them all in your lawsuit.

Described below are just a few of the factors that may have played a role in your wreck:

  • Distracted Driving – If the bus driver was distracted by a cell phone or anything else, he or she will be at least partially at fault for what happened.
  • Driver Fatigue – Drowsy drivers can be just as dangerous as intoxicated motorists.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions – If the road conditions were bad due to maintenance problems, the local or state government could be responsible for the bus accident.
  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance – Bus maintenance is critical for safety, and whoever oversees that maintenance could be liable if it was not done properly.
  • Other Drivers – If you were on a bus that was hit by another driver, he or she could be the one you need to sue.


Bus Crash Injury Types

Bus passengers are often exposed to the risk of severe injury given the lack of seat belts on buses. The injury you suffered will greatly affect what sort of compensation is available to you. Your injury will determine how long your recovery will take, what medical care will be required, and whether you will be able to work.

Your NYC bus accident lawyer will have extensive experience valuing claims for a wide variety of bus wreck injuries:

  • Head trauma and brain damage
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Face and eye injuries
  • Wrongful death


Valuing Your Bus Wreck Claim

After a public transportation accident, it is critical that you take the time to properly value your claim by working with an NYC bus accident lawyer. Otherwise, your case could settle for far less than the amount that you truly deserve.

We look for all of the expenses associated with your accident and injuries, including ongoing medical care, transportation, and any pain and suffering you have experienced and changes you have had to make to your lifestyle. We will also calculate all of the income and wages you have lost—and will lose in the future.

In some cases, you may also receive punitive damages if the at-fault party’s conduct was malicious or truly egregious.


Go to Court or Negotiate?

Once a personal injury lawsuit has been filed, your case may still settle out of court. We will negotiate with the responsible party, their attorneys, and their insurance company to reach favorable settlement terms.

If they agree to pay what your claim is worth, there will be no need to proceed to court. The majority of cases settle in this way, reaching a fair and full settlement through negotiation alone.

The only reason court will become necessary is if a fair settlement offer is not produced. If this happens, your NYC bus accident lawyer will advise you accordingly and represent you throughout the courtroom procedures.


Speak with a New York City Bus Accident Lawyer

You deserve full compensation for the injuries and losses you experienced because of your bus accident. Unfortunately, the insurance company and the legal system can make you a victim all over again by leaving you with an inadequate settlement amount.

Don’t be a victim twice. Instead, schedule an appointment to discuss your case with an NYC bus accident lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. To get started with your free, no-pressure consultation, give us a call at 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or complete the contact form on this page.

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