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Suing for Scars from a Car Accident

When you’re injured in a major car accident, the results can be life-changing. A permanent injury can change how you live and limit what you’re able to do. Unfortunately, it can also affect your physical appearance and how other people perceive you.

For example, you might have experienced severe scarring from shattered glass. When you’re struggling with the emotional toll of an accident, suing for scars might seem like too much to deal with. Let a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP help you secure the full compensation you deserve for this devastating injury.

Your Economic Damages

If you have a scar following your car accident, you might be entitled to compensation for the physical and emotional costs of those injuries. Your financial losses, also called economic damages, can be totaled up as part of your compensation when suing. This amount should include both the current losses you’ve already suffered and any future damages you might need down the road.

For example, a facial injury often requires delicate procedures—especially for the areas around the eyes. You might need additional skin grafts or future surgeries to minimize the visibility of the scars. All of these treatments should be included in your claim.

Your attorney can go over all of your economic damages, which can include the following:

Getting Compensated for Disfigurement

Scars are rarely isolated injuries, which means you might be focused on your economic damages piling up as you try to recover. However, that doesn’t mean that your non-economic damages aren’t important, as well.

These non-economic damages are intended to compensate for damages that are intangible in nature, such as pain and suffering. For example, let’s say another car hit you and shattered the windows, showering you with glass. You received several severe cuts on more visible parts of your body, such as your face, arms, and legs, which left you with multiple visible scars.

These scars can alter how you see yourself, affecting your overall life satisfaction and enjoyment. In addition to the trauma of the auto accident, you are now facing embarrassing and visible reminders of your accident. These damages are often more difficult to calculate, but it’s important to include all of the ways your life was affected by the wreck.

Sue for the Total Costs of Your Scars in NY

Dealing with a car crash is never easy. You’re hurt and suffering and you need financial help to overcome the pain you’ve been through. Suing for scars from a car accident can be complex, but you deserve compensation for your suffering.

That’s why you might need a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP to help. Our attorneys can help you fight for your compensation. Starting with a free consultation, we can explain the claims process and how we can help your claim succeed.

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