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Questions to Ask a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Even if you’ve been in a collision before, every accident is different, which means you may still find yourself burdened with questions, both pressing and unanswered.

While you may not even know what you need to ask, car crashes do tend to share a number of commonalities, giving most accident victims a common basis on which to begin their exploration.

This post will discuss some of the questions you should ask a lawyer after a car accident.

Most Important Legal Considerations

Car accident victims in New York have a limited window of time during which they can file a claim for compensation. This time frame is referred to as the case’s statute of limitations.

In the state of New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is three years, meaning that any suits filed after this period will not be considered legally valid.

It is also important to become familiar with how your state determines and apportions liability.

Residents of the Empire State must understand the standard of comparative negligence, which allows multiple parties to hold liability in any given accident. This is important to note because you may find your awarded damages decreased if you are found partly at fault.

You will want to make sure to ask an attorney which rules and laws apply to your specific case. You can direct any other legal questions, such as whether you should approach insurers, pursue a suit or settlement, or include certain details or documentation in your claim, to a trusted and experienced lawyer.

A Snapshot of The Lawyer’s Background and Past Success

In some cases, the internet may provide you with all you need to understand an attorney’s character and past success. More often, however, you will need to speak with the lawyer in question to determine whether he or she is a good fit for both your personality and case.

Some examples of questions you may want to ask a prospective lawyer include the following:

  • How many cases have you successfully won or settled for clients?
  • How long have you been practicing law—both in your specific field and in general?
  • What do you think my case is worth?
  • What is your fee structure (e.g., by the hour, by contingency fees, etc.)?
  • How do you generally approach a claim or suit?
  • What’s your preferred method of communication?
  • How do you expect my case to ultimately turn out?

While you don’t want to get too personal, some other questions about a lawyer’s qualifications, such as what law school he or she graduated from, may be worth asking.

Get in Touch with a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are never fun, and finding a lawyer who can provide sufficient help is rarely easy. If you’ve decided enough mistreatment is enough, you just happen to be in the right place.

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