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What’s the next step in my car accident case? | NYC Injury Lawyer

“Whatever we can do to make the process easier for you, we will do it!”

Rob Greenstein, co-founder and partner in Greenstein & Milbauer. “If that means that we go to them, we’re more than happy to do it.”

The Greenstein & Milbauer partner explains this commitment to serving clients. “When a client has been in an accident, we have two options: they can come to us or we can go to them. Either way, we need to get together,” he says. “Ideally, the client can come to us. It gives them a chance to put a face to the voice. Seth and I prefer that as well.”

However, in some cases visiting Greenstein & Milbauer’s offices is either impossible or extremely difficult for the client. They’re severely injured, their car is out of commission or maybe they just need to stay in bed. “Either way, we need to get together,” he says.

So whether it’s in our offices or someone more convenient for you, you’ll gain access to a rock-solid team – headed by an experienced personal injury attorney. Once we begin working together, your team may include paralegals, legal secretaries, investigators, experts or even several attorneys. We are always available to assist clients, even scheduling consultations and appointments on nights and weekends.

Often we can determine whether you have a strong case after just one visit. Knowledge and preparation are the keys to evaluating any case and this almost always requires investigation of the facts and circumstances involved in your accident, which is an ongoing process.

Throughout all stages of your case, we work to project what would be a fair settlement. Our team always works hard to get the best possible settlement for you. Our experienced staff knows that the optimum value of any case depends on sound preparation and information. Once we complete our investigation, we can better estimate the possible extent of the defendant’s liability.

For many clients, initiating a case can extremely traumatic. “They’re entering a new world. So whatever we can do to make the process easier for them, we will do,” Greenstein says. “If that means meeting with them in the hospital, at their neighborhood coffee shop, at night or over a weekend, we’ll do it.”

If you or someone close to you has been in an accident, email or call Greenstein & Milbauer today. One of our partners will take the time to not only evaluate your case, but also talk you through the steps usually involved in bringing a case. The next step begins today.

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