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Disability After Car Accident

A disabling accident occurs in the U.S. almost every second and nearly a fifth of Americans are living with some form of disability. If you or a loved one is facing disfiguring burn injuries, organ failure, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries or even had to have limbs amputated due to injuries sustained during a car accident, we can help you build a case and get the financial disability compensation you deserve.

In New York State, auto accident victims can pursue motor vehicle accident claims only when certain thresholds are met. These also consist of compound fractures, including hip fractures or broken bones, as well as the tragic wrongful deaths of a driver, passenger or fetus.

Severe compound, comminuted, and compression fractures sometimes meet the threshold for disability in New York State. A compound fracture is a break in which the bone is sticking through the skin, while a comminuted fracture is an injury in which the bone is fragmented, typically in the hand or foot. Comminuted fractures include ones in which the bone is splintered or crushed into numerous pieces, while compression fracture of the vertebrae usually requires a great deal of force, which can occur from a motor vehicle accident or a fall from scaffolding equipment.

Our attorneys can help you understand New York’s short-term disability programs that offer cash benefits. If you’ve broken a bone in your leg and it doesn’t heal correctly – leaving you unable to work, you may qualify for benefits. If the broken bone is located in your arm and has not healed properly or regained function despite surgeries, you could also qualify for benefits.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with whiplash and you’re unable to work, we also can help you work with your physician to collect the X-Rays, MRIs and other certification to determine if you qualify for whiplash-based Social Security disability benefits, which are often difficult to collect, without a tremendous amount of documentation.

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