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New York City Shoulder Drop-Off Accident Lawyer

The shoulders on the edges of roads are meant to be tapered so that there is no significant drop-off to them. This prevents damage to tires and other areas of vehicles if a driver suddenly has to swerve over to the shoulder.

Shoulder drop-offs are normally helpful when there is an emergency or when vehicles need to get out of the way of a car that has swerved into their lane.

However, some drop-offs are not as tapered as they should be and can actually present dangers to drivers instead of providing a safe place to get out of the way of traffic. When this occurs, it can cause damage to the vehicle, injuries, or even start a chain reaction that ends with a multiple-vehicle accident.

In such cases, an experienced New York City shoulder drop-off accident lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help.

Potential Damages After a Should Drop-Off Accident

An incorrectly tapered shoulder drop-off can lead to multiple-vehicle accidents when a driver overcorrects and veers into the other lane of traffic.

The driver feels the shoulder pull the car one way, so he or she turns the steering wheel sharply to avoid being pulled off the side of the road. As soon as all the wheels are back on the road proper, the resistance created by the shoulder drop-off disappears, and the driver ends up swerving into another lane.

This means that damages can range from a simple rub on the inside of a tire to serious injuries sustained from an accident after being forced into oncoming traffic.

Determining Fault in Should Drop-Off Accidents

The more vehicles involved in an accident, the harder it is to determine fault.

However, if the road conditions caused the accident, it is likely that the entity that is responsible for the road’s upkeep is responsible. This will probably be a government entity, but it could also be a private company contracted for this purpose.

In other cases, the drop-off is caused by road construction work. The construction crew may  leave a high edge as they prepare to add more to that side of the road.

In any case, determining fault can be a lengthy and detailed process. Since our experienced New York City shoulder drop-off accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with similar situations, we can navigate the process for you and make sure the right entity is held responsible.

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If you have been in a shoulder drop-off accident, it can be difficult to prove just who or what was responsible. Our attorneys can help; you don’t have to figure out the process alone.

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