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Defective Seat Belt Injuries

It’s a fact that seat belts save lives, but they can also cause serious injuries.

Unlike most things that could be dangerous, you are required by law to use seat belts. This means you are legally forced to use an item that—if defective—could cause serious damage.

When seat belts work, they truly can save lives, particularly because they prevent people from being ejected from a vehicle. However, defective seat belt injuries can be just as bad as some of the injuries received from not wearing them.

Second Collision Factor

Seat belts are designed to hold passengers in place in the event of an accident.

In legal terms, the impact of one car hitting another car or an inanimate object is the first collision; the impact of a person hitting something in the vehicle is the second collision. Seat belts are supposed to prevent or limit the second collision. When they don’t, serious injuries such as a brain injury or a spinal cord injury can occur.

This has become common enough that many drivers and passengers are afraid to wear seat belts due to the possibility that a malfunction could trap them in a wrecked vehicle. Some additional examples of what can happen when defective seat belts malfunction are listed below:

  • Ejection from the vehicle
  • Serious injuries might be sustained from hitting something inside the car
  • Injury can be sustained after impact if a seat belt breaks while the car is still in motion
  • Damage to internal organs from poorly positioned seat belts

Defects in Seat Belts

Seat belts are designed so that they are easy to fasten and unfasten. They are made of material that is supposed to hold up under pressure. Serious injuries can occur when any of these elements fail:

  • The belt itself rips or tears
  • The clasp clicks but does not actually secure the belt
  • The belt comes out of the clasp even after it was secured
  • The belt does not retract as it should

If you are injured because of defective seat belts, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Because you are legally required to use them, you should be able to rely on them.

Who Is Responsible?

These injuries typically come with costs and damages that you should not be responsible for covering as you were not at fault for the seat belt’s defect. It can sometimes be difficult to determine who is actually at fault, but often it will be the manufacturer of either the car or the part.

Our attorneys can ensure that the right person or entity is held responsible, and that you receive any compensation you need and deserve.

Contact an Attorney

It’s important to consult our lawyers even if you aren’t certain your seat belts were defective. If you suspect that you or a loved one was injured because of defective seat belts, don’t risk navigating a complicated process alone. The experienced attorneys of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help.

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