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Bad Road Conditions Caused Car Accident

New York roads can be dangerous even under normal circumstances. However, many car accidents are not caused by driver error, but by bad road conditions.

Even the most careful driver can be injured when properly following the laws and traffic signals. In many cases, no one does anything about the conditions on dangerous roads until someone gets seriously injured—or worse—dies.

If bad road conditions caused your car accident, you should consult the experienced lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP to figure out the best way to move forward.

Weather and Road Conditions

Weather always has an impact on driving conditions on the roads. Of course, you should always be careful when driving in adverse weather conditions like rain and ice storms, but government entities also have a responsibility in these circumstances. If the roads are unsafe to travel on, they need to be closed until either the dangerous weather has passed or they are repaired and safe for drivers.

In some cases, certain parts of the road become dangerous under particular circumstances. For example, certain areas of bridges will gather moisture and freeze long before other sections of the road. In these circumstances, warning signs should be posted to indicate this and warn drivers of the dangers of traveling on that particular road.

Other areas of a road might immediately flood after a heavy rain. These (and similar roads) should have warnings signs to alert drivers. When car accidents occur because the appropriate measures aren’t taken to keep drivers safe, you could be entitled to compensation.

Road Repair Issues

Not only does weather play a part in bad road conditions, but federal, state, county and city financial planning can also affect road conditions.

A portion of your tax dollars are supposed to go toward keeping the roads safe for commuters. When that doesn’t happen, people get hurt, and the issue has to be addressed. Some examples of these situations are as follows:

  • Potholes that are deep enough to damage cars or force drivers to swerve
  • Shoulders that are either nonexistent or too steep
  • Roads and bridges that cannot bear the weight that is placed on them


These are just a few examples of the situations in which bad road conditions can lead to car accidents, but there are many more. You have a responsibility to both yourself and your fellow taxpayers to bring to light any bad road conditions that have caused a car accident. You could also be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages.

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