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Brooklyn Shoulder Drop-Off Accident Lawyer

Road conditions, road work, and heavy traffic can all lead to accidents involving shoulder drop-offs. Improperly constructed shoulder drop-offs can cause personal injury, car damage, and even lead to a collision with another vehicle.

When unsafe road conditions cause an accident, the process can be more difficult than simply dealing with another driver. You will need the experience of a Brooklyn shoulder drop-off accident lawyer to help you seek compensation.

Brooklyn Shoulder Issues

In most cases, the drop-off of a shoulder is not significant enough to cause any damage, mostly because they should be tapered down.

However, in cases where there is ongoing construction, the shoulder may have a steep drop-off to allow for the expansion of the road later on. Cars that hit this drop-off can be pulled off the road and into traffic, safety barriers, or other areas where they don’t belong.

When this happens, it is not necessarily the fault of the driver, but the result of poor design, timing, and construction. It’s important that the right person or entity be held responsible for an accident that, in most cases, could have been avoided. Determining who this entity is can be challenging, as it could be a government agency, a construction company, or possibly both.

Should You Call the Police After an Accident?

Although you are not required to report every single accident or get the police involved, it is usually a good idea.

When police are called out to an accident scene, they document things that the average citizen might not think to look at or record. This accident report can be important later when you seek compensation for your injuries and damages, especially if your case has to go to trial.

If your accident was caused by a poorly constructed shoulder drop-off, be certain to mention this in your statement to the attending officer. Having this mentioned in the police report can be vital to your case, particularly if the officer’s assessment agrees with yours.

Additionally, it is a good idea to obtain a copy of the police report of the accident for your own records. If you haven’t had the opportunity to get a report or did not call the police after your accident, our lawyers can look at the details of the accident and help you gather the information you need to proceed in the best way possible.

Car Repairs and Other Damages

Even if the shoulder drop-off appears to have caused only minimal damage to your car, it’s a good idea to have a mechanic take a look at it. Even minor damage can lead to costly repairs or more extensive damage later on.

It’s also a good idea to contact an experienced Brooklyn shoulder drop-off lawyer who can help you seek compensation for the damages and other expenses that happened as a result of your encounter with the drop-off.

Contact an Attorney

If you have been in a car accident that was caused by either a shoulder drop-off or another driver, you shouldn’t have to deal with the consequences alone. The experienced attorneys of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help. Call 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) as soon as possible to get started.

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