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Brooklyn Car Accident Comparative Negligence

In accidents where each driver involved is responsible for at least some portion of what happened, the divided responsibility is referred to as comparative negligence.

This type of negligence can have a significant impact on claims for compensation to cover things like medical bills, personal pain, and injuries. Measuring the amount of negligence helps to ensure the final settlement amount is reasonable and based on the accident’s circumstances and each party’s level of responsibility.

It can be just as complicated and difficult as it sounds, which is why it’s a good idea to seek the services of an experienced Brooklyn car accident comparative negligence lawyer.

Understanding Comparative Negligence

To understand how comparative negligence works, it’s easiest to look at an example:

Car X is speeding down the left lane, and Car Y is in the right lane. Car Y decides to change lanes in order to make a left turn within the next twenty feet but does not use a turn signal.

As a result, Car X hits Car Y from the rear. While Car X definitely bears some of the responsibility for the accident, Car Y shares in that responsibility because no turn signal was used.

Under comparative negligence, both Car X and Car Y will be determined to be responsible for a percentage of what happened, which will have a direct impact on any potential settlement. Because comparative negligence can be confusing, it’s crucial that you consult our attorneys to help you mitigate the amount of negligence assigned to you.

Dividing Responsibility After a Car Accident

Even careful drivers sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes can cause serious injury and severe financial repercussions. Because of this, comparative negligence laws ensure that each driver is held accountable for his or her portion of the responsibility.

This is done in percentages, so it is important to be accurate when demonstrating who was responsible for each aspect of an accident. The percentage you are found responsible for will directly reduce the settlement amount you are awarded.

For example, if you were found 10 percent to blame for an accident and were awarded a $10,000 settlement, your settlement would then be reduced by $1,000. This makes it incredibly important to have experienced legal representation so that your settlement is reduced as little as possible.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Because comparative negligence can have such an enormous impact on the end settlement, most people find it beneficial to hire an experienced Brooklyn car accident comparative negligence lawyer who can help with the process.

Even if you believe you are partially to blame, you will need a qualified legal team to ensure you aren’t held responsible for more than you should be. Further, if someone else is to blame for your accident, you shouldn’t have to bear the responsibility of the injuries and expenses by yourself.

If you have been in a car accident and have questions or concerns regarding comparative negligence, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. The experienced lawyers of Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP can help.

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