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Bronx Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision in a Bronx car accident can have a devastating effect on your life. Reach out to a Bronx head-on accident lawyer for help with your financial and physical recovery. 

When someone else swerves into your lane, it may be too late to do anything about it. Before you’re able to react, you’ve been injured in a head-on collision, and now, you’re seriously injured. 

If you’ve been hurt in a head-on collision you didn’t cause, reach out to the lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP. Your Bronx head-on collision lawyer can help you seek compensation to face the injuries you’ve suffered in New York. 

Why Is a Bronx Head-On Collision So Serious? 

Head-on collisions typically cause severe injuries, and many of these accidents even lead to fatal injuries. But what makes these accidents so dangerous? 

When you’re involved in a head-on collision, your car is often brought to a complete stop from high speeds. That can cause serious damage to the head and torso, where your brain and key internal organs are. They’re vulnerable to this level of trauma, which can cause bleeding, ruptures, and permanent damage. 

Because of this, it’s important to seek compensation for the severe injuries you may have suffered. 

Compensation for Bronx Head-On Collision Victims 

After a head-on collision, your injuries and expenses can get costly fast. That’s not to mention the effects on your mental and emotional well-being. These losses, called damages, can impact your life for years following a head-on collision. That long-term impact is part of why you need to know what your Bronx claim is worth before you head to the courtroom. 

Your claim should include both the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered. For example, you may have already thought about the costs of your surgery, car repairs, and the time you’ll spend away from work. But what about the pain and suffering you’ve experienced, or the costs of your emotional distress? You may need a Bronx head-on accident lawyer to help you calculate these damages. 

Proving You Weren’t at Fault for Your Bronx Collision

One concern you may need to address is proving the other driver caused your head-on collision. They may try to claim you were driving recklessly yourself, or that you weren’t paying attention to the road to avoid the head-on collision. 

If you don’t focus on proving you weren’t partly at fault for your Bronx accident, you could lose a portion of your compensation. That leaves you paying out of pocket for some or most of your damages. Your head-on collision lawyer can help you protect your compensation by proving you were being careful behind the wheel. 

Talk to a Head-On Collision Lawyer About Your Bronx Claim

When you’re hurt in a head-on collision, you may be worried that you don’t have the tools to recover from that accident. Luckily, many Bronx accident victims have a chance to act with a lawyer from Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP on their side. 

If you’re hurt because of a car accident, your Bronx head-on collision lawyer can offer a free consultation about your claim. To take advantage of that offer, call 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or fill out the online contact form below.

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